Become the Best Hostess With These Home Bar Additions

Become the Best Hostess With These Home Bar Additions
  1. Become the Best Hostess With These Home Bar Additions
    Deciding what to do on a Friday night can be stressful sometimes. Should you go out and drink? Or just stay home and watch Netflix? If you’re leaning towards both, then it’s time to set up your own home bar. Think about it: You can easily host parties at home and also make cocktails like […] The post Become the Best Hostess With These Home Bar Additions appeared first on…

Deciding what to do on a Friday night can be stressful sometimes. Should you go out and drink? Or just stay home and watch Netflix? If you’re leaning towards both, then it’s time to set up your own home bar.

Think about it: You can easily host parties at home and also make cocktails like a strawberry G&T or soju with Korean ice pop without spending a lot at clubs. No need to shout at each other over loud music. You’ll also avoid the crowded dance floor. I don’t know about you, but that sounds nice after a hectic work week.

To get you started, you only need a few basic things. The full-blown bar counter and stools can come in later.

Kikkerland Design Bartending Glasses

I personally love cocktails, especially mojitos. If you feel the same way and want an easy method to add the ingredients, opt for these Bartending Glasses from Kikkerland Design. These are nifty since each glass shows the exact ratio of ingredients that you should add. You can also choose between four drink recipes: Mojito, Bloody Mary, Whiskey Fix, and Salty Dog. Available at Quirks.

Pottery Barn Bleecker Bar Shaker

Want to feel like a real bartender? Get this bar shaker from Pottery Barn. Its brass finish adds an antique-like feel to it—like you’re working at a rustic 1950s bar. Available at Central Square.

Habitat Hamburg Red Wine Glass

You also need to get a few wine glasses for a classy evening. This is perfect for sit-down dinners or when you’re just casually lounging in your living room with a bottle of red wine. Available at UP Town Center.

Williams-Sonoma Marble & Dark Wood Wine Chiller

While you’re busy eating and chatting with a glass of wine, keep your bottle cold in this Williams-Sonoma chiller. Instead of the usual stainless steel bucket, this one is made from marble and dark wood to give it a sleeker lo…

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