Latest news from - Technology feed

Latest news from - Technology feed

  1. 200-million-year-old giant dragonfly fossil found

    06.19 / 14:20 - Technology
    Dragonfly fossils are hard to preserve, but the newly discovered fossil is comparatively well-preserved, researchers…
  2. Bizarre marine creature resembling a male reproductive organ creates waves on social media! - PIC INSIDE

    06.19 / 06:19 - Technology
    The organism has an uncanny resemblance to the male reproductive…
  3. Forgotten city discovered in Ethiopia

    06.18 / 12:31 - Technology
    The settlement, which is around 500 metres by 1,000 metres has buildings and walls constructed with large stone blocks ? leading people to assume only those with enormous stature or strength could have built…
  4. Lunar dreams: China reveals 2018 plans to launch mini-ecosystems to the moon for the first time!

    06.18 / 10:17 - Technology
    An 18-centimetre-tall cylinder will carry potato seeds and silkworm eggs to be…
  5. NASA's Orion spacecraft strikes off another milestone, performs well in safety tests!

    06.18 / 10:17 - Technology
     While engineers are just getting started analysing the data, the test verified that the motor can fire within milliseconds when needed and will work as expected under high temperatures, according to …
  6. Studying climatic changes next on China's agenda, scientific expedition to Tibet launched!

    06.18 / 05:56 - Technology
    The last expedition of similar scale in Tibet, regarded as roof of the world was conducted in the…