Rod Culleton secures extension of bankruptcy case stay

Rod Culleton secures extension of bankruptcy case stay
  1. Rod Culleton secures extension of bankruptcy case stay
    Former One Nation senator Rod Culleton is granted a one week extension of a stay application on his bankruptcy ruling, which has forced him to lose his seat in Federal…
By David Weber and Henry Belot

Former One Nation senator Rod Culleton has secured a one week extension of a stay application on his bankruptcy ruling, which has forced him to lose his seat in Federal Parliament.

The extension of the stay — which was set to expire at midnight on Friday — comes after Senate President Stephen Parry declared Mr Culleton's seat vacant, claiming the Federal Court had confirmed he was bankrupt.

But Mr Culleton claims the stay means he is not officially bankrupt and can continue to act as a senator.

Mr Culleton has criticised Mr Parry for "jumping the gun" and has threatened legal action against some media outlets who have reported his statement.

He said he had launched High Court action over Mr Parry's decision to advise of a vacancy.

I'm really testing the courts, there are constitutional matters that need to come forward," he told journalists outside a Perth court today.

"You know, we need a fair system, and I believe after today we're starting to see a swing."

Culleton claims he is solvent

Mr Culleton and his chief of staff Margaret Menzel claim the stay ruling, granted in the Federal Court last month, means Mr Culleton is not officially bankrupt until it expires.

The ABC understands a stay is routine practise to allow new bankrupts to get their affairs in order before facing the financial consequences.

The National Personal Insolvency Index, a federal government register operated by the Australian Financial Security Authority, states that Mr Culleton is "an undischarged bankrupt".

It states the date of bankruptcy as December 23, 2016, the date of the Federal Court hea…

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