Latest news from - Australia feed

Latest news from - Australia feed

  1. Change of preference: frequently asked questions

    01.18 / 03:26 - Australia
    Last year more than 90 per cent of offers were made in the first round, and courses are not required to participate in subsequent…
  2. S&P; lifts iron ore price forecasts

    01.18 / 03:06 - Australia
    Ratings agency Standard & Poors has raised price targets on iron ore, zinc, and copper for 2017 and…
  3. GDP fall weighing on consumers: Westpac

    01.18 / 01:03 - Australia
    Consumers' concerns about the 0.5 per cent fall in gross domestic product are keeping their confidence low, according to a new…
  4. Confidence fails to rebound: Westpac

    01.18 / 00:42 - Australia
    The latest Westpac survey shows consumer confidence remains subdued this month, after December's…
  5. Low rates not helping first home buyers

    01.17 / 03:31 - Australia
    Despite record low interest rates, first home buyers have slipped to just 8.7 per cent of total housing finance commitments, economists…