Lethbridge City Council's Finance Committee Wraps Up Capital Improvement Program Deliberations

Lethbridge City Council's Finance Committee Wraps Up Capital Improvement Program Deliberations
  1. Lethbridge City Council's Finance Committee Wraps Up Capital Improvement Program Deliberations
    Lethbridge City Council, sitting as Finance Committee, has wrapped up deliberations on the next 10 year Capital Improvement…

Friday, May 19th, 2017 4:51pm

Lethbridge City Council, sitting as Finance Committee, has wrapped up deliberations on the next 10 year Capital Improvement Program.

City Council members have concluded deliberations as City Finance Committee by recommending a 2018-2027 Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The City’s new 10-year Capital CIP aims to fulfill City Council’s commitment to complete projects previously approved, take care of existing assets, plan for the future and consider new projects to enhance the community.

Some of the significant projects recommended for funding in the next four year window include: a new west Lethbridge fire station, Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) expansion, Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden Programming & Community Facility, planning and design of a Performing Arts Centre, design of Exhibition Park Trade and Convention Centre & Agriplex, 3 Avenue South Reconstruction and the twinning of University Drive West.

The draft 2018-2027 CIP will come before City Council for final approval at their next regular meeting on Tuesday, May 23.

Although the CIP deals with a 10-year period, City Council’s funding approval will apply only to projects which commence in the program’s first four years, from 2018-2021. Projects contemplated in the latter six years of the plan will be subject to consideration and funding approval by a future city council.

The funded CIP would include a total of $385 million in municipal 2018-21 capital projects in three major areas: Community Facilities ($145 million), Transportation ($70 million), and Utilities ($170 million).

“With this capital budget, we’re able to fulfill our mandate to take care of our facilities and infrastructure and still be able to address a number of smaller capital projects for our community in the next four years,” says Councilor Liz Iwaskiw, Deputy Mayor and Finance Committee Chair. “Finance Committee had to make some very tough decisions when it came to community projects. There were a lot of worthy projects, but not nearly enough funding available to pay for all of them. I think we made some very wise decisions and we chose to leave some in the bank which is smart financial planning.”

The complete draft 2018-2027 Capital Improvement Program can be viewed on line at:  www.lethbridge.ca/CIP

Recommended 2018-2027 Capital Improvement Program

Following are highlights of community facilities projects from the recommended City of Lethbridge 2018-2027 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which will come before City Council for approval on May 23, 2017. The present Council’s funding approval will apply only to projects which start within the first four years of the program, from 2018-2021.

Previously-approved Projects

(Projects approved in the current 2014-2023 CIP which are underway and will carry over into new the 2018-2027 CIP)


Projects to Maintain Current Assets/Facilities

Includes maintenance and replacement of aging parks infrastructure such as play equipment, pathways, furniture, parking lots etc.

Includes assessment of existing facilities and installation of barrier free ramps to main entrances, installation of automatic doors, reconfiguration of existing public washrooms, and installation of gender-neutral washrooms

Includes energy audits and studying feasibility of improvements to City facilities that could include mechanical or electrical system retrofits and installation of renewable energy systems such as solar panels.


Planning Projects

Includes a feasibility plan, exploring location and meaningful community engagement.

Consolidate and update both the 2007 Recreation and Culture Facilities Master Plan and the 2013 Recreation and Culture Master Plan.

The development of an Accessibility Master Plan (AMP) that encompasses public right-of-ways at City owned facilities, in parks etc. and connections from private to public realm.

A feasibility study on specialized transportation in the river valley.


New Community Projects

Includes a fully accessible downtown transit terminal with at least 3 levels for commuter parking, public washrooms, and commercial lease space. This is 100 per cent funded through grants and parking operations.

A fenced, off-leash dog park to be located on a 3.5-hectare (8.6-acre) parcel in Legacy Ridge.

Landscaping and sports field development at new school sites identified in the Crossings area of west Lethbridge and in southeast Lethbridge, east of Fairmont.

Define the park boundaries with standard post and cable fencing in accordance with City standards and specifications.

Renovation of Galt Museum parking lot.


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