Most Canadian women say society is too sexually open, if you ask a Christian think tank

Most Canadian women say society is too sexually open, if you ask a Christian think tank
  1. Most Canadian women say society is too sexually open, if you ask a Christian think tank
    "We just need to stop asking questions that suggest that someone's spiritual piety can be proven by their level of sexual…

An academic is questioning a Christian think tank’s survey showing that six in 10 Canadian women feel society is too “sexually open” these days.

University of Calgary Prof. Rebecca Sullivan felt the survey treated sexuality and spirituality as “antithetical” to each other — and that’s a “dangerous” move that can lead to policies that could limit women’s access to abortion, she added.

“We just need to stop asking questions that suggest that someone’s spiritual piety can be proven by their level of sexual repression,” Sullivan told Global News.

“It’s dangerous.”

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Cardus, a Hamilton-based think tank that does research from a Christian perspective, partnered with the Angus Reid Institute on a survey titled “Spirituality in a changing world,” whose results were released Wednesday.

The survey came as part of the Faith in Canada 150 project, which aims to celebrate spiritual belief as the country reaches its 150th birthday.

It heard from 2,006 Canadian adults who were members of the Angus Reid Forum between March 29 and April 3.

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It asked questions on various topics, such as respondents’ faith and their views on whether Canada is too “sexually open,” or was too “sexually repressed” in the past.

Respondents were asked to say which of the following two options was closer to their point of view:

  • Our society:
    • Is too sexually open today
    • Was too sexually repressed before

A Wednesday news release from Cardus highlighted “surprising findings” such as that 60 per cent of female respondents felt society is “too sexually open” today, while 57 per cent of men felt it was “too sexually repressed” in the past.

The survey’s sample of women skewed older: 37.3 per cent of female respondents were aged 55 and over, and 35.2 per cent of women were aged 35 to 54.

Women aged 18 to 34 years old represented 27.5 per cent of respondents.

The survey had a margin of error of +/- 2.2 percentage points.

Their answers are encapsulated in the graph below: 

This graph shows results from an Angus Reid Institute survey that asked respondents whether they felt society was too sexually open.

Angus Reid Institute Story continues below

Cardus program director Andrea Mrozek told Global News that the findings were interesting because many of these older women grew up during the “sexual revolution,” an era that changed attitudes around sexuality through the 1960s and the 1970s.

Today, she said women are likely rejecting the highly sexualized images they see of themselves in media and marketing materials.

“If you walk through the mall and you see Victoria’s Secret advertising in your regular, run-of-the-mill mall, it’s a highly, highly sexualized version of women that’s being presented and it seems quite obvious to me that women would reject that,” Mrozek said.

But Sullivan, an academic who specializes in gender and sexuality, wasn’t surprised that older respondents felt the way the…

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