Newly discovered species of gibbon named after Star Wars icon

Newly discovered species of gibbon named after Star Wars icon
  1. Newly discovered species of gibbon named after Star Wars icon
    Star Wars fandom rages on, even in the biological community, as a newly discovered species of gibbon has been named after Star Wars’ central character, Luke Skywalker. The post Newly discovered species of gibbon named after Star Wars icon appeared first on Silicon R…

Star Wars fandom rages on, even in the biological community, as a newly discovered species of gibbon has been named after Star Wars’ central character, Luke Skywalker.

The Star Wars film franchise is as popular as ever following its return to the big screen in 2015, and now its legacy will carry on for generations in the form of a newly discovered primate that has no tail.

The team of scientists from Sun Tat-sen University in China that discovered the new species has called it the skywalker hoolock gibbon (hoolock tianxing) after Luke Skywalker, portrayed by the actor Mark Hammill.

According to the BBC, the team presented its findings in the American Journal of Primatology whereby it explained that the Chinese characters found in its scientific name translate as “heaven’s movement”.

As fans of the Star Wars series, the scientists naturally decided to dedicate its common name to the once young Jedi.

Found in Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar, typical hoolock gibbons are typically elusive to humans spending the majority of time in the treetops.

But unlike many of its relations, the skywalker hoolock gibbon was found to have a few different traits of its own.

While all previously discovered hoolock gibbons have distinctive white eyebrows and beards, this Chinese specific species differed somewhat.

Already endangered

Further analysis also showed that the familiar hoolock gibbon songs were not present in the skywalker hoolock gibbon, with t…

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