Trump has saved entire world from devastations of globalist Paris climate Agreement

Trump has saved entire world from devastations of globalist Paris climate Agreement
  1. Trump has saved entire world from devastations of globalist Paris climate Agreement
    We all owe a great debt of gratitude to President Trump. We must pray for him to continue to resist the globalist climate changers who stand for everything that he and freedom…

This is part 3 of a series of articles on President Trump.

See Part 1 - All conservatives must support President Trump… the stakes couldn’t be higher See Part 2 - Still need convincing? Here are 20 more reasons why it is crucial to support Trump

July 17, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – On June 1 President Donald Trump announced that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. With that action he put the brakes on the globalist climate change tyranny that threatens to destroy the independence, economies, cultures and freedoms of many nations. The entire world owes a debt of gratitude to the president for this courageous decision which he later held to, all alone, against intense personal pressure from every world leader at the July 7-8 G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany. (Video below - Trump's statements about withdrawing from Paris Agreement start at 6 minutes.)

President Obama’s previous commitment to the Agreement by Executive Order was illegal and non-binding on the United States. Trump’s withdrawal effectively crippled the nefarious Agreement that was given false credibility by its promoters who referenced scientific data that whistleblowers later revealed had been deliberately doctored for the Paris negotiations.

In addition to the whistleblowers’ revelations, a June 2017 peer-reviewed study has further confirmed that most recent global warming data has been “fabricated by climate scientists to make it look more frightening.” That study was produced by two scientists and a veteran statistician and has been formerly endorsed by six other prominent scientists and a senior economist.

Zerohedge revealed that the “bombshell report that analyzed Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) data produced by NASA, the NOAA and HADLEY proves the President was right on target with his refusal” to take part in the Paris Agreement. Zerohedge quotes from the report's abstract:

The conclusive findings of this research are that the three GAST data sets are not a valid representation of reality. In fact, the magnitude of their historical data adjustments, that removed their cyclical temperature patterns, are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.

"In short: The evidence has been falsified," writes Zerohedge. They then quote businessman and blogger Karl Denninger, who wrote:

It is therefore quite-clear that the data has been intentionally tampered with.

Since this has formed the basis for plans to steal literal trillions of dollars and has already resulted in the forced extraction of hundreds of billions in aggregate for motorists and industry this quite-clearly constitutes the largest economic fraud ever perpetrated in the world.

Adding to the growing mountain of evidence against the climate change charlatans, Breitbart News recently reported on yet another extensive article by distinguished MIT atmospheric science professor Richard Lindzen. In the article Lindzen states that believing in many of the climate alarmist claims... pretty close to believing in magic. Instead, you are told that it is believing in ‘science.’ Such a claim should be a tip-off that something is amiss. After all, science is a mode of inquiry rather than a belief structure.

Regardless of such a large volume of irrefutable evidence, President Trump was criticized and isolated at the G20 meeting. The Independent reported,

The US was utterly alone on the issue of climate change, where the 19 other members agreed to push ahead with the Paris Accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the US refused. The US’s position was noted in the official communiqué issued at the conclusion of the meeting.

“Wherever there is no consensus that can be achieved, disagreement has to be made clear,” said Angela Merkel, the German host, not hiding her disappointment. “Unfortunately, and I deplore this, the United States of America left the climate agreement.”

“The two major issues for the meeting were trade and climate change. It was recognised the US was not going to change its position,” Thomas Bernes of Ontario’s Centre for International Governance and a former IMF official, told The Independent, speaking from Hamburg.

“[The countries] will not be looking to the US for leadership - they will be looking to Trudeau, Macron and Merkel.”

President Trump did not seem to be deterred by the attempts to isolate him and brazenly showed his determination to above all act in the best interests of the United States by being the only leader to not wear the G20 official pin in the G20 leader group photos and instead wear only an American flag pin.

Climate change movement an assault on Christian civilization

Opposing the climate change movement, which Cardinal George Pell astutely saw as symptomatic of a pagan emptiness, is also about resisting an international assault on Christian civilization. More have come to see this, regardless of the aggressive support for the climate change movement and world governance by Pope Francis, his many globalist friends who are close associates of George Soros, such as Jeffrey Sachs and Ban Ki Moon, and many progressive, high level clerics in the institutional Catholic Church.

The militancy and rage of the Francis regime and numerous other climate change ideologues has dramatically increased since Trump announced the US would be pulling out of the Paris Agreement – which it never legally entered into in the first place. The anger of Trump’s opponents is hard to fathom given that the World Health Organization declared in a recent report that the United States is among the least polluting nations on the planet.

LifeSite’s Pete Baklinski reported July 13, one week after the failed G20 attempts to bring Trump onto the climate change bandwagon, on an explosive article in Civiltà Cattolica, which would have been reviewed by the Vatican prior to publication. The article was written, as Rorate Caeli reports, by “two of the Pope's own closest confidantes, Fr. Antonio Spadaro SJ (the editor) and Argentine Presbyterian Pastor Marcelo Figueroa (shockingly, the editor of the Spanish-language edition of the journal).”

Baklinski reveals that the article portrays Conservative Catholics in the United States as having “formed an 'ecumenism of hate' with Evangelical Protestants in their united support for President Trump and his policies.” And on July 14 LifeSite reported that Pope Francis has, in yet another interview with Eugenio Scalfari in La Repubblica, gone so far as to compare the United States to North Korea, suggesting both are part of alliances with a "distorted view of the world."

So, we now also have Pope Francis and the Vatican, through Civiltà Cattolica and La Repubblica, indicating that they are joining the G20 leaders, the UN, Democrats and far leftists in their war against the Trump administration. And of course that is also a war against the millions of faithful Catholics and other Christians who have been supporting and advising the president and praying for his continued conversion and physical safety.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Civiltà Cattolica article was especially ignited by the president’s stunning withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement - one of the very top priorities of Pope Francis and his many globalist friends. The pope has even gone so far as to declare supposed man-caused climate change (and by implication, opposition to climate change efforts) to be an environmental “sin.”

Climate change is greatest-ever scheme to implement New World Order

There is much evidence that the climate change movement is the latest and largest-ever-in-history scheme by globalist elites to impose a secularist, anti-life and anti-family New World Order with world governance and removal of all national borders. It would ultimately destroy most of the traditional rights and freedoms and sovereignty of individual nations that have been won at great cost in the past.

It is likely that most of the 337 signing nations of the Paris Agreement were bullied and blackmailed into effectively giving up their national sovereignty and treasured cultural principles as a result of economic and other threats from the United Nations, President Obama and other wealthy developed nations.

Trump has for now saved the entire world from the devastations that long-term implementation of the Agreement would have caused. World de-population a major goal of climate change agenda

One of the top goals of climate change movement leaders is an eventual massive world de-population program as hinted by UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres in a 2015 interview.

Al Gore has also repeatedly stated population decrease is necessary. Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, appointed a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences by Pope Francis, fears that Trump will be ‘disastrous’ for the climate agenda. He is also a strong advocate for world de-population and unabashedly claims that the “scientific estimate for the carrying capacity of the planet is below 1 billion people.”

Travis Rieder of Johns Hopkins University has warned that people must stop having so many children if they want to avert “catastrophic climate change.” The father of the entire ecological/global warming/climate change movement, Maurice Strong, organized the UN’s first environmental conference in Stockholm in 1972. In his opening address he hinted at the need for “national population policies.”

Just before his invited appearance the recent Vatican conference on Biological Extinction, climate change movement supporter and de-population extremist Paul Ehrlich stated that decreasing the world population by 6 billion “would have an overall pro-life effect.”

Today, LifeSite reports on a new study published in Environmental Research Letters advocating that “Governments and schools should be teaching kids to have fewer children in order to reduce climate change.”

Lianne Laurence writes: “Steven Mosher, president of the Virginia-based Population Research Institute, blasted the suggestion as 'ridiculous' and 'dangerous,' and the study as 'climate extremism masquerading as science.'"

I could go on and on citing more statements by climate change agenda leaders advocating that the world’s population must be massively decreased.

A necessarily totalitarian movement

To do what these people claim needs to be done, very drastic, totalitarian measures and a world government would have to be imposed on nations. Massive…

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