Cyclist from dramatic dash cam-captured collision identified

Cyclist from dramatic dash cam-captured collision identified
  1. Cyclist from dramatic dash cam-captured collision identified
    Nick Fleury takes a deep breath as the car he’s in suddenly brakes before a green light. A cyclist pedals in front of Fleury’s stopped car, only to be hit and sent flying seconds later by another ve…

Nick Fleury takes a deep breath as the car he’s in suddenly brakes before a green light. A cyclist pedals in front of Fleury’s stopped car, only to be hit and sent flying seconds later by another vehicle.

The dramatic incident, which took place in downtown Ottawa, was recorded by a dash cam that Fleury and his girlfriend, Haley Geertsma, were testing out on Saturday. The video was posted to YouTube and has already garnered nearly a million views.

The cyclist — who was identified by Ottawa police on Monday as Gatineau resident Alexandre Remi Baril-Picard, 30 – was charged on Saturday with failing to stop at a red light. Police say he walked away from the incident with only a sore hip.

Before the collision, Fleury and Geertsma had been making their way downtown to grab lunch, all the while recording their drive on their new device.

As their car came to a stop at the intersection of Laurier Avenue and Lyon Street, a cyclist is seen blowing past them on his bike. 

“You can hear in the video that I let out a deep breath. Then my girlfriend was quick on the brakes and gave a little honk as a heads up (to the next driver).

“Then a second car moved into the right lane (and hit the cyclist),” Fleury said.

As the couple pulled over to the side and hopped out of their car to call 911, an Ottawa police officer, who was already in the area, attended the scene.

“It’s a very sad incident,” Fleury said. “No matter your method of transportation you should be aware of your surroundings and drive the speed limit.”

This isn’t the first cyclist incident at the intersection. Last September, a 23-year-old cyclist was struck and killed at Laurier and Lyon by a truck.

Fleury, who takes public transit in the area, said he decided to share his video on YouTube to start a conversation about safety in Ottawa, especially for cyclists.

Judi Varga-Toth, the executive director for Canada Bikes — a national not-for-profit that works with cycling organizations across Canada and acts as a voice for cyclists — said she saw the video all over her social media.

“When I saw the video, I thought,…

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