Protect your photography with custom watermarks

Protect your photography with custom watermarks
  1. Protect your photography with custom watermarks
    We all know how easy it is to just copy and save an image from the web. This is precisely why watermarking your online photos is important. A watermark is a superimposed text or logo that acts as your virtual signature. And it's not difficult to create. Here's an app that can easily add watermarks to all of your…

We all know how easy it is to just copy and save an image from the web. Usually, it's just a matter of right-clicking and boom - the image is yours to keep. This is precisely why watermarking your online photos is important.

What is a watermark? A watermark is a superimposed text or logo on a digital image that can essentially become your virtual signature - your personal imprint on any digital image you own and share online. With it, you can display your claim of ownership on photographs you distribute on the web for everyone to see.

And it's not just for ownership, you can also use watermarks to advertise and promote yourself by displaying your logo, website or social media links.

If you find desktop photo editing apps a bit cumbersome for adding simple watermarks, I found a way to make the process much more simple. And all it takes is an app!

WM: Add Watermark to Your Photos

WM: Add Watermark to Your Photos by Appersian is an iOS app that lets you customize and add watermarks to your digital photos with a single tap.

The watermark text's font, color, and transparency can be customized and you can even import your own graphic logo and tweak its scale, transparency and shadowing. Icons are also included for highlighting any social media accounts you wish to display as watermarks.

Once you're done designing your watermark, you can tweak your photo with WM's built-in filters, save it to your device or post it straight to your Instagram account.

WM: Add Watermark to Your Photos is really a simple and quick way to protect your photos and is definitely worth a look.

Click here to get WM: Add Watermark to Your Photos in the Apple App Store.

Note for Android users: Appersian has not made WM: Add Watermark to Your Photos available fo…

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