RCMP warn that you can be fined for eating while driving

RCMP warn that you can be fined for eating while driving
  1. RCMP warn that you can be fined for eating while driving
    The Golden Arches are a temptation for motorists—particularly if there's a drive-through section—but they should avoid sinking their teeth into the food until after they reach your des…
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Motorists routinely pull up at a drive-through Wendy's or McDonald's, buy a burger and fries, and wolf them down on their way to their next destination.

But they had better be careful the next time.

That's because biting into the food will not only expand their waistline, it could also fatten the public treasury.

In a tweet this morning, B.C. RCMP's traffic gendarmes declared that eating a bowl of soup amounts to driving without due care.

Not only is this worthy of a $368 fine, it adds six points to your driving record.

That's not the only way the cops are picking motorists' pockets.

Earlier this year, Georgia Straight legal columnist Sarah Leamon revealed that police can fine drivers for simply having a cellphone sitting on the seat beside them within grabbing …

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