Kirby Star Allies Features Buff Dedede, Twitter Goes Nuts

Kirby Star Allies Features Buff Dedede, Twitter Goes Nuts
  1. Kirby Star Allies Features Buff Dedede, Twitter Goes Nuts
    Kirby on Nintendo Switch is now called Kirby Star Allies, but who cares because we now have Buff…

Kirby on Nintendo Switch is now called Kirby Star Allies. New information and gameplay was revealed during the recent Nintendo Direct.

By far the biggest news to come out of the Direct for the game is a muscular version of King Dedede, long time Kirby series antagonist and occasional ally. Apparently Dedede was corrupted by some dark force, gifting him with beefy muscles and the ability to swing around pillars.

People have quickly fallen in love with Buff Dedede if Twitter is anything to go by.

Kirby Star Allies will feature co-op gameplay where you can throw hearts at up to three enemies and turn them into your allies. You’ll be able to combine your abilities, such as one player turning into stone and the other dropping them on enemies with ESP power. You can also share the elemental attributes of copy abilities with other players, such as turning a bomb power up into a tornado bomb that can make you float. Copy abilities such as the Yoyo are returning. We also got a glimpse of the animal partners from Kirby’s Dreamland 2 and 3, but they may just be relegated to cameos.

Kirby Star Allies is coming Spring 2018.

We’ll also be getting Kirby Battle Royal on 3DS, a 3D multiplayer competitive game where Kirbys of different copy abilities duke it out. Gamemodes include Ore Express where Kirbys fight over treasure. You can also fight against bosses. The game comes with single player and online battle modes. The game is coming January 19, 2018.

To celebrate Kirby’s 25th Anniversary, Nintendo is holding a poll to crown the world’s favorite copy ability. To cast your vote, click here.

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