Tesla semi truck may be revealed on October 26 says Musk

Tesla semi truck may be revealed on October 26 says Musk
  1. Tesla semi truck may be revealed on October 26 says Musk
    Tesla didn’t show off its electric semi truck this month as originally planned, but the company isn’t leaving people in the dark. Musk took to Twitter this evening to announce a tentative unveiling date for the vehicle: October 26. This isn’t a guarantee, at least based on Musk’s tweet, but it does give us an idea of the time frame … Continue…

Tesla didn’t show off its electric semi truck this month as originally planned, but the company isn’t leaving people in the dark. Musk took to Twitter this evening to announce a tentative unveiling date for the vehicle: October 26. This isn’t a guarantee, at least based on Musk’s tweet, but it does give us an idea of the time frame in which Tesla is working.

It’s no secret that Tesla is working on a fully electric semi truck, which could be used on long-haul routes depending on charging station availability. Late last month, we heard that these trucks may have a range that falls between 200 and 300 miles per charge. Assuming that is correct (the info came from Reuters), these trucks could travel a decent distance before needing ‘refueled.’

A lot of questions remain, such as how long it would take to recharge the presumably ample quantity of batteries built into the trucks. There’s also a question surrounding autonomous driving — reports have indicated the trucks will feature some element of…

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    HTC phones aren’t dead yet. At least for now. Even after its smartphone workforce has been almost cut in half by the Google “agreement”, HTC assures its loyal followers and investors that it will still be making smartphones. And as if on cue, details of a certain HTC U11 Plus have surfaced, claiming to be the company’s late 2017 flagship. … Continue reading…
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    There is no shortage of Windows 10 tablets and 2-in-1s that support one kind of stylus or another. There is just one problem: they each have their own, using sometimes incompatible technologies. Wacom, ever the champion of styluses, has a solution. Announced last may, the Wacom Bamboo Ink pen offers a pressure-sensitive stylus to a wide plethora of Windows 10 … Continue…
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    The remains of a young Neanderthal boy are helping shed light on how Neanderthals developed such large brains (larger than that of modern humans, in fact). According to the study, these larger brains were likely due to longer growth periods. Such a conclusion was made by analyzing the largely complete and well-preserved skeletal remains of a Neanderthal child estimated to … Continue…
  6. LIFX WiFi smart bulbs get support for Apple HomeKit

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    LIFX has announced that its current Lifx and Lifx+ lineup of WiFi smart bulbs now work with Apple HomeKit. Thanks to this new support, current and future Lifx smart bulb owners are able to control their home or office’s lighting using their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or other Apple product. The new support is available now. LIFX’s smart bulbs are … Continue…
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  11. Google pays $1.1 billion for HTC’s Pixel division

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    Google is ramping up efforts to invest in its Pixel smartphone, announcing that it has made a deal with HTC Corp. to purchase the Taiwan-based company’s Pixel smartphone division. Under the all-cash agreement, Google is buying a non-exclusive license for HTC’s intellectual property with additional agreements to look at other areas of collaboration in…
  12. Netflix HDR support arrives for iPhone 8, iPad Pro, and iPhone X

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    Netflix has just expanded its HDR and Dolby Vision support, announcing that these videos are now available on the iPad Pro, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. It was a quiet announcement, as with the other devices that get Netflix HDR support, but represents a big expansion to its still-small list of supported mobile devices. Netflix has … Continue…
  13. Archeologist finds sunken German submarine from WWI

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    The well-preserved wreck of a First World War German submarine, possibly still containing the remains of its 23 crew members, has been found off the Belgian…
  14. Apple's Fourth Invention Covering Next-Gen Quantum Dot Displays surfaced today at the U.S. Patent Office

    Patentlyapple.com - Technology
    09.21 / 22:06 www.patentlyapple.com
    To date Patently Apple has posted three patent reports regarding Apple's possible use of quantum dot displays. The first report was posted in February 2014, the second in July 2016 and the third last month titled "Apple Invents Quantum Dot Hybrid Pixels for Future Power Efficient Displays that Could Deliver 'Pure Color'." Quantum dot QD-LED displays will offer better power efficiency than OLED alone. Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published yet another patent application on this…
  15. Apple's SVP Retail Angela Ahrendts Ranks #13 on Fortune's 2017 Most Powerful Women's List

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    09.21 / 22:06 www.patentlyapple.com
    Last year Apple's SVP Retail Angela Ahrendts was ranked #14 on Fortune's Most Powerful Women's List and this year's results just posted, shows Ahrendts moving up the list to #13. GM's CEO Mary Barra was listed in first place for the last three years. Though with Ahrendts raking in more than…
  16. Global Foundries Files a Request with EU Regulators to Investigate Apple Chip Supplier TSMC for Unfair Practices

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    Earlier this month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Supplier TSMC Enjoys 28.4% Revenue Increase for August due to Robust Shipments of A11 Processors." Those kind of margins are apparently annoying one of TSMC's competitors. A new report today reveals that U.S. electronic chipmaker GlobalFoundries has asked European antitrust regulators to investigate market leader TSMC, accusing the Taiwanese firm of unfair…
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  18. The Toronto Police Tweets out to Citizens to not Test Out Apple's new iOS 11 feature for calling Emergency 911

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    Apple's iPhone customers love when they get a new operating system chock-full of new features for free. Yet this time Canada's largest city has put out a notice to its citizens urging them not to test out one of Apple's new iOS 11…
  19. Ford will design its cars with HoloLens augmented reality headsets

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    Ford says a year-long pilot test has convinced it that augmented reality is the way of the…
  20. Take it from an HTC fan: this Google deal won’t help

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    I’m an HTC fan, but I can’t say I’m impressed by the company’s billion dollar deal with Google. The phone-maker has been instrumental in many of the most pivotal moments in modern smartphone history, producing some of my favorite devices in the process. I’ve also found myself at times being one of the company’s more vocal critics, though, and for … Continue…