Latest news from - Technology feed

Latest news from - Technology feed

  1. Popular ‘GTA 5’ modding tool gets shut down, fans react negatively to the news

    06.19 / 07:14 - Technology
    If you’ve used OpenIV mod for Grand Theft Auto V, we’re sure you’re already aware of the news that publisher Take-Two Interactive served a cease and desist order for the fan-made modding tool. And the developers took it down saying they don’t have the time to try and fight the order. This extremely popular modding tool was used not just create and modify content like vehicles, weapons, gameplay features, and effects, but it…
  2. You now have the option to have Cortana as your default assistant on Android

    06.19 / 05:45 - Technology
    If you rely heavily on Microsoft’s Cortana assistant and use an Android phone, you’re going to like the latest update. The app can now be your default assistant on your smartphone. Much like with Google Assistant, when you long-press your home button, it can pull up Cortana. And if you do enable it, you can carry over the actions you do on your smartphone with your Windows 10 laptop or PC. So if you miss a call, you can be alerted on…
  3. Google to rely on AI and human oversight to help stop terrorists

    06.19 / 03:06 - Technology
    Google, like all the other giant tech companies, are under pressure to help get rid of extremists’ online presence. And the tech giant’s response to this includes four steps to help flag and remove pro-terrorism content on its pages, especially on YouTube. One way is to rely on its machine learning tech that can automatically flag and take out terrorist videos. At the same time, it’ll keep up “innocently-posted” clips…
  4. Canadian Reviewer Weekly Roundup 06/11-06/17

    06.18 / 13:42 - Technology
    Review: Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch OnePlus CEO teases black and white photo sample taken by the OnePlus 5 Microsoft outs its ‘smallest Xbox ever’ Logitech's Slim Combo case completes the iPad Pro Motorola launches the Moto E4 for value tier market ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’ finally gets first trailer at E3 2017 E3 2017 - Sony unveils new Spider-Man game slated for 2018 E3 2017 - Alienware and Dell reveal…
  5. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ gets VR treatment, puts you in Spidey’s suit

    06.18 / 12:15 - Technology
    If you’re wondering what it’s like to become Spider-Man, you can get a virtual reality taste of this. To promote the release of the film Spider-Man: Homecoming next month. There is a VR version of Spider-Man that puts you right into his new high-tech suit. You’ll be doing things like swinging through New York City using web shooters and take on Spider-Man’s rival in the film, The Vulture. In the US, moviegoers at select…