Latest news from - Edmonton feed

Latest news from - Edmonton feed

  1. Three units damaged after Ellerslie townhouse fire

    05.23 / 19:07 - Edmonton
    Fire officials are working to determine the cause of a Tuesday morning Ellerslie townhouse fire that damaged three…
  2. Councillor pushes for full LRT build out into deep southwest

    05.23 / 19:07 - Edmonton
    Southwest councillors lobbied to get LRT built in one shot all the way to the city's south boundary Tuesday as officials promised a detailed look at southwest…
  3. Canadian military host soldiers from United States, Australia, New Zealand, Britain in immersive force-on-force battle s

    05.23 / 12:27 - Edmonton
    CFB Wainwright — Elders leading the funeral procession are not only bearing the weight of a shrouded, prone figure on their shoulders, they now have the future of their village on their b…
  4. Firefighters treated for 'high heat' during Magrath Heights blaze

    05.23 / 06:01 - Edmonton
    Firefighters were treated for the heat while battling a blaze Monday at a home in Edmonton's Magrath Heights…
  5. Edmonton teen headed for sailing adventure for Canada 150

    05.23 / 04:37 - Edmonton
    Nineteen-year-old Abdul Fettah Al Masoud arrived in Edmonton with his family last February. They are Syrian refugees from Aleppo who spent several years in Lebanon after fleeing their civil war-torn country in…
  6. Spray park hours to be debated

    05.23 / 04:37 - Edmonton
    Children not yet old enough to start school will soon have more time to play at Edmonton's spray parks, but the tradeoff could be more damp school…