Latest news from - Health feed

Latest news from - Health feed

  1. Layoffs coming to RQHR

    03.30 / 04:08 - Health
    There will be layoffs in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, although CEO Keith Dewar can’t yet say how many. While RQHR has previously relied on attrition to reduce staffing numbers, he said that probably won’t cut it in the new fiscal year, which begins Saturday. The Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority was expected to pass RQHR’s…
  2. Dr. Eddy Lang: Pursuing a pill-free approach to treating back pain

    03.30 / 01:57 - Health
    Three months ago, Bruce threw his back out while bending over to help his grandson tie his skates. Although he has had occasional back trouble in the past, this flare-up was different and simply did not want to go away. The pain was constant, deep and worsened when walking or making sudden movements. It was…
  3. B.C.'s working poor: Meet the people whose jobs don't pay the bills

    03.30 / 00:50 - Health
    More than half a million people in B.C. live in poverty, nearly a quarter of them children whose families struggle every day to provide the basics of life: nutritious food, warm clothing and safe shelter. The solution to improving the lives of these families is not as simple as: “Get a job.” That’s because a significant number of impoverished…
  4. Regulations make Mifegymiso inaccessible to rural women, advocate says

    03.29 / 23:34 - Health
    The abortion drug Mifegymiso is not available to the extent it should be, says Jillian Schwandt, executive director of Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon. “We have an opioid crisis in this country, and we don’t see these kinds of restrictions being placed on those kinds of medications.” Health Canada requires physicians to dispense Mifegymiso rather than pharmacists. However, British Columbia is…
  5. New Hep C drug coverage means more options for patients, nurse says

    03.29 / 23:34 - Health
    Expanded coverage for Hepatitis C drugs is “absolutely huge,” according to a Saskatoon and Vancouver support nurse. “There’s a lot more options for treaters out there, which is great. One drug is not good for everybody; I think there has to be a playing field out there,” said Lesley Gallagher of the Saskatoon Infectious Disease Care…
  6. Paula Simons: Jason Kenney should go back to school on gay-straight alliances

    03.29 / 19:50 - Health
    When we privilege a parents' "right to know" before a child's right to be safe, we put students at real…