Latest news from - Politics feed

Latest news from - Politics feed

  1. Camped out in Goulds for a chance at $1.4M chase the ace jackpot

    08.16 / 10:36 - Politics
    It's Wednesday, and in Goulds, that means it's time to chase the…
  2. Stroke victim, 27, determined to get back on her feet — with husband's help

    08.16 / 09:37 - Politics
    Carly White woke up in a hospital with a piece of her brain removed and no recollection of how she got there. Now, she is warning others to not ignore symptoms of what could be a…
  3. Suspect identified in complaint of man asking girls for sex in St. John's park

    08.15 / 19:09 - Politics
    The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says the 30-year-old pretends to be much younger and it is trying to determine how many girls he…
  4. Cable cuts that led to cell outages 'perfect storm,' says Bell Aliant

    08.15 / 18:06 - Politics
    Bell Aliant says a widespread outage of its East Coast telecommunications network this month was the result of a "perfect storm" involving construction crews not checking where to…
  5. 'I guess it's my ego': Man charged in Dollarama stabbing resists advice to get a lawyer

    08.15 / 16:00 - Politics
    A man charged with attempted murder after stabbing his ex-girfriend in a Bay Roberts Dollarama still wants to plead…
  6. More choices of auto insurers? Review of N.L. car insurance begins

    08.15 / 14:35 - Politics
    The terms of reference for the province's long-awaited review of auto insurance have now been…