Latest news from - Toronto feed

Latest news from - Toronto feed

  1. Toronto the Good steps up for homeless man

    07.27 / 00:12 - Toronto
    Thanks so much, Toronto Sun and 24 Hours…
  2. Police chief denies 'cover-up' in beating of Whitby teen

    07.26 / 23:09 - Toronto
    The city’s top cop denies there was any sort of “cover-up” in the beating of a 19-year-old Whitby man, allegedly at the hands of an off-duty Toronto Police officer and his broth…
  3. Toronto man who spent 20 months in jail on first-degree murder charge gets freedom back

    07.26 / 23:09 - Toronto
    A Toronto construction worker who spent the last 20 months in jail accused of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Mississauga spa owner Teresa Hsin has been…
  4. Teen faces slew of charges after bang-up with cop car

    07.26 / 19:55 - Toronto
    Engaging in a round of demolition derby with a cop car while driving a stolen SUV will land you in trouble with Johnny Law every…
  5. Ryerson restoration of landmark Sam the Record Man sign underway

    07.26 / 17:47 - Toronto
    Work has begun to restore a giant neon sign that once drew people to Toronto’s landmark Sam the Record Man music store in the city’s dow…