Marine Le Pen says Front National will debate euro after French parliamentary elections

Marine Le Pen says Front National will debate euro after French parliamentary elections
  1. Marine Le Pen says Front National will debate euro after French parliamentary elections
    MARINE Le Pen said today the far-right party would start debating its trademark anti-euro stance after next month's parliamentary elections, fuelling disagreement among her closest aides and…


Le Pen said FN would start debating its anti-euro stance after next month's parliamentary elections

In a rare acknowledgment that its plans to ditch the euro may be a problem for the FN's prospects, with a majority of French voters in favour of keeping the currency, Le Pen said on Thursday the party would have to discuss its stance.

On Friday, launching her bid to be elected to parliament representing the northern France constituency of Henin-Beaumont, where she narrowly lost in the 2012 legislative elections, Le Pen said the debate would be opened up after the two-round ballot on June 11 and 18.

She said: "The euro is a debate we'll have at our congress.


Le Pen launched her bid to be elected to parliament representing Henin-Beaumont

"This whole work of analysing our presidential campaign and discussing our political stances is one for after the parliamentary elections."

The euro is a debate we'll have at our congress

Marine Le Pen - Front National

Her closest aides and allies immediately disagreed openly among each other about what that debate should achieve.

FN secretary general Nicolas Bay told franceinfo radio: "We can evolve on that issue, we need to listen to the message of the French people."

Yet Le Pen's deputy Florian Philippot, a fervent opponent of the euro, disagreed, re-affirming that he would leave the FN if it ditched its anti-euro policy.


Le Pen's deputy Florian Philippot said he would leave the FN if it ditched its anti-euro policy

Gilbert Collard, one of only two FN deputies in the lower house of parliament, responded by mocking Philippot in an interview with LCP television, saying the party would easily get over his…

Marine Le Pen
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