7 must-know facts about US presidents

7 must-know facts about US presidents
  1. 7 must-know facts about US presidents
    Donald Trump currently occupies the White House, but do you know these seven facts from American political…

Donald Trump currently occupies the White House, but do you know these seven facts from American political history?

1. The biggest presidential election victory since 1945

In terms of share of the electoral college votes won, the biggest presidential election victory since 1945 was Ronald Reagan’s second victory in 1984. The Republican incumbent won an impressive 97.58% of all the electoral college votes available, that’s 525 out of 538 to be precise. The election ensured Reagan’s place as a giant in American politics.

Check out the six other largest presidential wins since WW2 here.

Ronald Reagan

2. The shortest-serving president

Assassination is one of the main reasons for the early end to a president’s career, however, in the case of William Henry Harrison, it was illness who got him in the end. The 9th president of the United States of America lasted just one month in the top job. His VP John Tyler took over from him after his death.

3. The longest-serving president

Presidents can only have two elected terms, so surely there are a bunch of presidents that share the top spot? Not quite so; the rule that limits presidents to two terms – or ten years if a VP takes over from a president over half way through their term – only came into force in 1951. Before the 22nd amendment, there was no limit, but only one president served more than two terms – Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The 32nd US president won the 1932 election, the 1936 election, the 1940 election and the election of 1944. Despite winning four elections, he did not serve four full terms as he died shortly into his final one. He was succeeded by Harry S. Truman.

4. The unelected president

At the 1972 election, Richard Nixon secured a second term in office. His VP Spiro Agnew soon quit, meaning Nixon had to find a replacement. Enter Gerald Ford, who became vice president in December 1973.

Richard Nixon Badge

Then Watergate happened, and Nixon resigned before a likely impeachment, leading the way for Ford to become president. This makes him the only president in US history not to have been elected by the American people.

Gerald Ford

5. The non-consecutive president

While most presidents who complete a term go on to win another or lose and retire from professional politics, one president completed a term, lost the subsequent election, but won the following one, making him the 22nd and 24th US president. The man in question? Grover Cleveland. In 1884, this Democrat secured his first term, and in 1888, he lost out on a second term, but won more votes than his opponent. He returned once again in 1904, and secured a second term in office.

6. The oldest presidents

The oldest president to enter the Oval…

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