Latest news from DailyStar-Diet feed

Latest news from DailyStar-Diet feed

  1. Woman reveals ONE simple diet swap to get curvaceous bum

    09.20 / 06:37 DailyStar-Diet
    THIS is how Rebecca Smith lost weight and gained an enviable…
  2. Michelle Heaton joins celebs for Stand Up To Cancer's Great Canoe Challenge

    09.20 / 00:31 DailyStar-Diet
    SHE is the star who showed off her battle scars in a bikini for telly’s Loose Women after having drastic surgery to avoid getting c…
  3. From beer belly to six-pack: Man sculpts impressive abs in just NINE months

    09.19 / 23:00 DailyStar-Diet
    A UNI graduate reveals how he honed his newly-ripped physique in less than a…
  4. Stunning Michelle Lewin shows off bikini body in jaw-dropping bikini workout video

    09.19 / 16:03 DailyStar-Diet
    FITNESS babe Michelle Lewin has been showing why she’s nicknamed The B…
  5. Quitting your diet can help you lose MORE weight – this is how

    09.19 / 16:03 DailyStar-Diet
    SLIMMERS can lose even more weight if they pack in their…
  6. Seven snacks that burn stubborn belly fat fast

    09.14 / 16:34 DailyStar-Diet
    EATING more of these fat-burning foods could help you shift your spare tire in no…