Latest news from DailyStar-Diet feed

Latest news from DailyStar-Diet feed

  1. World’s fattest woman aims to lose 64st after gastric bypass surgery

    07.26 / 16:25 DailyStar-Diet
    THE world’s fattest woman weighed 79st and has been in hospital since M…
  2. Woman loses 2st in just six weeks – this is how she did it

    07.26 / 12:32 DailyStar-Diet
    A DETERMINED woman has lost a massive 2st in just a month and a…
  3. Olympic boxing legend Nicola Adams takes up cycling challenge - Get Fit

    07.26 / 09:55 DailyStar-Diet
    SHE’S already the queen of the ring and now Nicola Adams is getting ready to show her mettle in the s…
  4. 82% of Brits are 'overfat' – are you one of them?

    07.25 / 15:26 DailyStar-Diet
    MORE than eight in 10 Brits have an ‘overfat’ physique, but here’s how to spot if you are one of them…