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  1. Donald Trump versus Barack Obama: who’s winning the Twitter war?

    Hitc.com - Politics 08.20 / 11:26 hitc.com
    The current US president is known for his controversial use of the social media…
  2. Barack Obama, Joe Biden Reimagined as Time-Traveling Action Heroes in New Animated Series

    Thewrap.com - TV&Movies 08.19 / 22:12 thewrap.com
    Writer/director Adam Reid really misses Barack Obama and Joe Biden, so much so that he’s turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to make a pilot for an animated series that turns the former President and Vice President into a time-traveling, crime-fighting duo. Titled “Barry & Joe: The Animated Series” and sporting the tagline “Hope Is On the Way,” the project is looking for $100,000 for “storyboards, recording, animation and sound design” on a …