President nominee for defense stress boosting Iran deterrence power

President nominee for defense stress boosting Iran deterrence power
  1. President nominee for defense stress boosting Iran deterrence power
    Tehran, Aug 13, IRNA -- Promotion of Islamic Republic deterrence power is a top priority, President Hassan Rouhani's nominee for the Defense Ministry General Amir Hatami said on…

'Iran has made lots of achievements in its missile defense program and it will continue boosting its missile defense capabilities,' he said while elaborating on his programs to a number of Iranian parliament members.The commander referred to enemies' efforts to undermine the country's defense capabilities, adding that 'President Hassan Rouhani has issued an order for reinforcement of country's defensive competence'. He pointed to terrorist threats in the region, and noted that 'Islamic Republic has clear vision for countering terrorism'. Iran's vice president for parliamentary affairs submitted to parliament on last Tuesday the list of 17 cabinet nominees for President Rouhani's second term in office.President Rouhani took oath of office at the parliament's formal session on Saturday. He won the 12th presidential election on May 19, sweeping 57% (23 million) of the votes that brought him a second term in the office as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.9191**2050

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