Israel to strip IS fighters of citizenship

Israel to strip IS fighters of citizenship
  1. Israel to strip IS fighters of citizenship
    Israel will strip 20 citizens who left to fight with the Islamic State (IS) group of their citizenship, a minister said Wednesday, with reports saying all but two are Arab.Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said an amendment to Israel's nationality act which went into force this month allows those engaged in hostile activity to be stripped of their citizenship in…

Israel will strip 20 citizens who left to fight with the Islamic State (IS) group of their citizenship, a minister said Wednesday, with reports saying all but two are Arab.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri said an amendment to Israel's nationality act which went into force this month allows those engaged in hostile activity to be stripped of their citizenship in absentia.

"I asked that the citizenship of 20 such Israelis be revoked," he told Israeli army radio.

The Shin Bet security service has in the past estimated that several dozen Israeli nationals had been fighting for IS in Iraq and Syria but now says that "about 20" remain active.

The remainder, it says, were either killed in action or returned to Israel, where they were arrested.

Deri said that the amendment would prevent IS recruits from returning to the Jewish state, while also acting as a deterrent to young Israelis considering similar journeys.

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Without the bill, he said, they would return to the country and eventually "carry out another car ramming attack."

He said each individual decision would receive due process.

Private Israeli TV Channel Two reported Tuesday that most of those to be stripped of their citizenship were Arabs -- descendents of those…

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