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An experience that mimics the sensation of licking your fingers can enhance the taste of creamy foods. This is the concept behind the new spoon created by a British design studio, which specialises in the invention of eating implements of the future. What gourmet can claim to have never licked his or her fingers after eating chocolate or ice cream For many, the reflex that often concludes a sweet snack is an important part of the joys of eating. In response to this observation, the…
02.25 / 11:14
With Mardi Gras, Pancake Day and Candlemass just around the corner, pancakes will be on the menu this February in various parts of the world. From France’s crêpe Suzette to Britain’s crumpets, countries across the globe have their own local variants, with both savoury and sweet specialties to sample. Here’s a look at some of the world’s different types of pancakes.Crêpe Suzette – France  Crêpe Suzette is the ultimate French pancake. Invented by Au…
02.25 / 10:02