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The US House of Representatives on Friday joined the Senate in passing a critical measure that marks the first major step toward repealing outgoing President Barack Obama's landmark but controversial health care reforms. The House's near party-line vote of 227 to 198 approved a budget blueprint which provides Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, with a framework for dismantling the Affordable Care…
01.20 / 20:39
Fathi Bayoudh battled for months to save his only son from Daesh, whose ranks he had joined as a volunteer in Iraq and Syria. This week, Bayoudh, a respected Tunisian doctor and military officer, thought the nightmare was finally drawing to a close. Authorities in Turkey, the country bordering Daesh’s territory in Syria, had 27-year-old Anouar Bayoudh in custody. His parents were on their way to see him for the first time in nearly a year. It was not to be. Bayoudh was waiting to p…
01.19 / 01:52
Artificial intelligence can predict when patients with a heart disorder will die, according to scientists.  The software learned to analyze blood tests and scans of beating hearts to spot signs that the organ was about to fail. The team, from the UK's Medical Research Council, say the technology could save lives by finding patients that need more aggressive treatment, the (BBC) reported.  The results were published in the journal Radiology. The researchers, at the MRC London I…
01.18 / 22:28