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World Bank president Jim Yong Kim announced the donation from both oil-rich Gulf states on Sunday, during a meeting between Ivanka Trump and a group of Saudi women, a member of the US delegation said.The idea of a fund providing microfinance to women in underdeveloped countries was floated by President Donald Trump's daughter and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a conference in Berlin last…
06.19 / 14:01
An Authentically Arabian Iftar Buffet Awaits You at SUQ, Four Seasons Resort This Ramadan enjoy an authentic Arabian iftar buffet at Suq, Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah, Dubai. This Ramadan season, if you are looking for that extraordinary dining experience then we highly recommend trying the Iftar Buffet at SUQ Restaurant, Four Seasons Resort, Dubai. This beachfront resort surrounded by lushly landscaped gardens […] Arabian Gazette…
06.17 / 22:12