Latest news from - Politics feed

Latest news from - Politics feed

  1. Egypt Ranks First in ‘Where to invest in Africa 2018’ List

    09.21 / 16:30 - Politics
    Egypt has replaced South Africa and made it to the top of “Where to invest in Africa in 2018” list released by the Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) South Africa is now second on the list. RMB said in a report, “Egypt displaced South Africa because of its superior economic activity score and sluggish growth rates…
  2. Uber to Launch Public Transport Service in Egypt: Minister

    09.21 / 15:12 - Politics
    Uber international is set to introduce its public bus services in Egypt soon, the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr revealed in an interview on Wednesday. Nasr added in the interview aired on the privately-owned ONTV that the new service will be launched in all of Egypt’s governorates and will not limited to…
  3. US to Consider Restoring Halted Military Aid to Egypt: Trump

    09.21 / 12:12 - Politics
    The United States will consider resuming its suspended military aid to Egypt, president Donald Trump said on Wednesday. Last month, the US decided to delay $US 195 million in military aid and about $US 95.7 million in other aid, citing a failure to achieve relevant progress in Egypt’s human rights record and democratic norms. Trump told …
  4. Egypt’s Embassy in Paris Celebrates 200th Anniversary of Discovering Abu Simebl Temples

    09.14 / 18:13 - Politics
    Egypt’s minister of antiquities Khaled Al-Anany participated in a ceremony organized by Egypt’s embassy in Paris to celebrate the 200th anniversary of discovering Abu Simbel Temples. The celebration took place at Petit Palais Palace in Paris. They also celebrated the 50th anniversary of its relocation. The monuments of Abu Simbel temples had to be relocated in the past [&…
  5. Israel Decries Outrage in Egypt Over Israeli Flag in Educational Book

    09.14 / 12:49 - Politics
    The Israeli Embassy in Egypt responded to the outrage that erupted over the removal of the Palestinian flag from an educational book and including the Israeli flag instead. The social studies book, though not a school book, is an educational one for students in grade eight. After Egypt’s Ministry of Education had decided to investigate…
  6. Egypt Detains Rights Lawyer Investigating Enforced Disappearance, Regeni’s Murder

    09.14 / 10:44 - Politics
    Egypt’s High State Security Prosecution ordered the detention of rights lawyer Ibrahim Metwally, who investigates alleged cases of enforced disappearance, for 15 days pending investigation. Metwally is detained on charges of spreading false news and establishing an illegal group called “Association of the Families of the Disappeared”. He is also a part of a legal…