Latest news from - Israel feed

Latest news from - Israel feed

  1. PHOTOS: A week of joint struggle in Sumud Freedom Camp

    05.28 / 19:09 - Israel
    For over a week, Jewish activists from across the globe have joined Palestinians in an effort to rebuild a depopulated village in the West Bank.  By: Ahmad Al-Bazz / It has been over a week since 250 Palestinians, Israelis, and diaspora Jews came together to establish the “Sumud Freedom Camp,” on site of Sarura, a […
  2. U.S. Jewish activist to undergo surgery on arm broken by Israeli cops

    05.28 / 14:49 - Israel
    Sarah Brammer-Shlay, whose arm was broken by Israeli police as they forcibly removed her from a Jerusalem Day protest, will be undergoing a $25,000 operation on Thursday. An American-Jewish activist whose arm was broken by Israeli police as they forcefully dispersed a Jerusalem Day protest last week will need to undergo surgery. [tmwinpost] Sarah Brammer-Shlay,…
  3. ’50 years of occupation is 50 years too many’

    05.28 / 14:49 - Israel
    As the Right celebrates 50 years of military rule over the Palestinians, the Left must not be afraid to create alliances between struggles and remind Israelis that ending the occupation is everyone’s task. By Eli Bitan The following is the full text of Local Call blogger and editor Eli Bitan’s speech before 10,000 left-wing protesters at Saturday’s anti-occupation rally: [&#…
  4. Forget negotiations, Israelis and Palestinians need an intervention

    05.27 / 19:52 - Israel
    When both sides aren’t ready to make concessions, when one side gets to decide who sits at the table and who sits in jail, negotiations are bound to fail. It is time for the international community to mediate. By Mossi Raz A man is standing in a dangerous place, beside him is a wall, and…