Latest news from - Politics feed

Latest news from - Politics feed

  1. Love, sex and the Balfour Declaration

    08.16 / 19:50 - Politics
    Law professor Nathan Brau rescues a remarkable British Jew - Edwin Montagu - from the dustbin of history. He - strongly opposing Zionism in theory and practice - spoke and wrote a coherent anti-Zionist argument in his post as minister for India in Lloyd George's 1916-19…
  2. Israeli law expert backs Palestinian property rights

    08.16 / 17:50 - Politics
    Land under Israeli control is not subject to the usual free market rules. There is a thicket of property law -Ottoman, British mandate, Jordanian Custodian of Enemy Property, Israeli and constant state interference. Since 1967 Israeli Jews have tried to reclaim their property. The Palestinians of Sheikh Jarrah have been defending their property from claimants and…
  3. Orthodox Jews in the US stay silent on white supremacy

    08.16 / 14:20 - Politics
    The Council onAmerican-Islamic Relations managed it, so too did most Christian and reform Jewish bodies; even Mrs May had a go. Orthodox Jewry remained silent seeming to think if Jews are not the victims it's not worth bothering…
  4. PA ends security pact with Israel

    08.16 / 14:10 - Politics
    Since the 1995 Oslo accord the Palestinian Authority has provided the political policing of the West Bank, working with the IDF's admin unit, COGAT. Since the Al-Aqsa gates debacle, the PA has become more outspoken and has announced it is ending its work with COGAT which aims to "consolidate the colonial system through illegal…
  5. How the JNF goes about getting land

    08.15 / 17:06 - Politics
    The Jewish National Fund, est. 1901 to 'reclaim' land in Palestine for Jewish immigrants is a non-profit company. As a large landholder it in fact acts as an arm of the Israeli state funded by overseas Jews. Here, Peace Now is highly critical of its methods of acquiring land. Peace…
  6. Open space for white supremacists

    08.15 / 13:51 - Politics
    America's far right is ebullient. It's getting more media coverage than it has in years. The lack of BAME persons in the counter-protests suggests it might be succeeding in its aim of terrorising black, brown, Muslim people. And the Forward's Nathan Guttman finds out it is anti-semitic as part of its overall…