Police: Kidnapping Victim Escapes from Trunk with Aid of Insulin Pump Light

Police: Kidnapping Victim Escapes from Trunk with Aid of Insulin Pump Light
  1. Police: Kidnapping Victim Escapes from Trunk with Aid of Insulin Pump Light
    An alleged kidnapping victim, whose escape from the trunk of a car was caught on video Tuesday, revealed that she was able to escape with the help of an insulin…


An alleged kidnapping victim, whose escape from the trunk of a car was caught on video Tuesday, revealed that she was able to escape with the help of an insulin pump.

Brittany Diggs, 25, said she used the light from her insulin pump to find the emergency release lever and jump to safety, according to the Today show.


Federal regulations require that all cars made after September 2001 must have an emergency release lever.

The Alabama nursing student waited until her alleged kidnapper started to drive away from the gas station where he was parked before she used the latch, opened the trunk, and jumped from the vehicle.

“I’m holding the latch like this, waiting for him to get back in the car. He gets in [and] he’s yelling … and I feel the car reversing, and he’s pulling out pretty fast, so I’m, like, ‘Oh shoot — I better get out of here,'” Diggs said.

Diggs said her abductor grabbed her outside her apartment and searched her for cash. When he learned she did not have any money on her, he asked to look in her trunk before he locked her in the trunk and drove around.

He allegedly attempted to use Diggs’s ATM card at the gas station before she escaped.

Birmingham police and Yosef Al S…

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