Protesters make noise outside Louisville Trump rally

Protesters make noise outside Louisville Trump rally
  1. Protesters make noise outside Louisville Trump rally
    LOUISVILLE — As Air Force One descended over the Kentucky Exposition Center Monday night, a growing crowd outside the gates had one message for their P…
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LOUISVILLE — As Air Force One descended over the Kentucky Exposition Center Monday night, a growing crowd outside the gates had one message for their President:

“Go back home!”


A protester wearing a "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt leads in a chant outside the entrance of the Kentucky Exposition Center during Donald Trump's rally in Louisville on Monday.


It was a far cry from the welcome awaiting President Donald Trump inside Freedom Hall, where thousands of “Make America Great Again” supporters rallied. Louisville was one of a series of rally stops the President has made since taking office.

The dissenting voice was outnumbered on Monday, but it was loud, carrying from all the way across gates and parking lots.

The protesters chanted “We resist, we persist!” and familiar phrases like “No justice, no peace!” Lined up behind barricades, they waived their signs at passing cars. When someone honked in support, the crowd cheered back.

Behind the line, protesters sat on the grass and listened to a series of speakers from Louisville-based activist organizations. The future of health care, immigration policy and the protection of minority groups were common notes sang by several speakers. At times, the crowd literally sang, including a rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.”

Wearing a red “Bad Hombre” T-shirt, Dave Tynes drove from New Richmond, Ohio, with his wife to have his voice heard.

“Well I’m here because I am very, very disturbed about what’s happening in my country,” Tynes said. “I'm retired military. I spent over 20 years defending this country and where it’s going is disturbing me.”

Tynes said he’s concerned about accusations that Trump’s team colluded with Russia in an effort to win the election. He’s also still waiting to see if there are any conflicts in Trump’s tax returns.

“… we don’t know where all of his international business interests are or whether they will affect his decision making capacity as president,” he said.


A protester hoists a sign featuring Vladimir Putin holding up President Donald Trump.


Trump’s wish to boost the U.S. military budget by $54 billion doesn’t put Tynes at ease. He said the military could recalibrate to focus on modern day warfare — like cyber warfare — but that overall, it’s the best equipped, best trained military in the world.

Jan Martin of Louisville teaches high school students. On Monday, she found herself with friends, holding a sign that was waved at the Women’s March on D.C. in January.

The sign read, “We will not go back!” and depicted faces of women from different racial and religious backgrounds.


Protesters gather outside of the Kentucky Exposition Center's gates prior to President Donald Trump's rally in Louisville on Monday.


“I’m here because I am so upset with the things that Trump is trying to push through,” Martin said. “He seems to have no respect for anything other than the rich. He doesn't seem to care for people who don't have enough or people who are tying to live on a very strict budget.

“Or even heck, me, middle class.”

Martin said it’s hard to pick just one issues she’s most concerned about, but that health care and refugees top her list.

As the sun went down and Trump’s arrival drew closer, protesters began to disperse. Many headed to the parking lot, seemingly ready to leave after an evening of chants and cheers.


Two protesters outside of the Kentucky Exposition Center gates hold up a sign in protest of President Donald Trump's rally in Louisville on Monday.

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