Witnesses describe terror of Istanbul airport attack

Witnesses describe terror of Istanbul airport attack
  1. Witnesses describe terror of Istanbul airport attack
    12-year-old German girl among witnesses, saying through her tears that there was blood on the ground and everything was blown to…

ISTANBUL -- Witnesses described the terror and destruction that took place Tuesday when several suicide bombers hit the international terminal of Istanbul's Ataturk airport, killing at least 28 people and wounding some 60 others.

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Watch: Alleged moment of Istanbul airport blast

Purported surveillence video shows the instant a deadly explosion rocked Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Officials say at least 10 are dead and several...

Roads around the airport were sealed off for regular traffic after the attack and several ambulances could be seen driving back and forth. Hundreds of passengers were flooding out of the airport and others were sitting on the grass, their bodies lit by the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles.

Twelve-year-old Hevin Zini had just arrived from Dusseldorf with her family and was in tears from the shock.

She told The Associated Press that there was blood on the ground and everything was blown up to bits.

South African Judy Favish, who spent two days in Istanbul as a layover on her way home from Dublin, had just checked in when she heard an explosion followed by gunfire and a loud bang.

She says she hid under the counter for some time.

Favish says passengers were ushered to a cafeteria at the basement level where they were kept for more than an hour before being allowed outside.

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Paramedics push a stretcher at Turkey's largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk, Turkey, following a blast June 28, 2016.


Two South African tourists, Paul and Susie Roos from Cape Town, were at the airport and due to fly home at the time of the explosions and were shaken by what they witnessed.

"We came up from the arrivals to the departures, up the escalator when we heard these shots going off," Paul Roos said. "There was this guy going roaming around, he was dressed in black and he had a hand gun."

"A big blast happened. It was very big and inside of it (the airport) is very bad," traveler Ali Tekin told Reuters, speaking in Turkish. "They (other passengers) also said there was a gun fire, but I didn't hear. One person shot and entered. And there was two explosions. I heard the sound."

Turkey's NTV television quoted Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin as saying authorities believe three suicide bombers carried out the attack.

A U.S. source tells CBS Radio News that three attackers approached the departure area at the Istanbul airport, threw four grenades, then opened fire with automatic weapons. They were wounded by Turkish security forces. The assailants then detonated the suicide vests.

Turkish airports have security checks at both the entrance of terminal buildings and then later before entry to departure gates.


An injured woman covers her face as she is carried by paramedics into ambulance at Istanbul Ataturk airport, Turkey, following a blast June 28, 2016.


The private DHA news agency said the wounded, among them police officers, were being transferred to Bakirkoy State…

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