The All-New Lenovo™ IdeaPad™ Laptop Family

The All-New Lenovo™ IdeaPad™ Laptop Family
  1. The All-New Lenovo™ IdeaPad™ Laptop Family
    Sleeker, more powerful laptops designed for nearly every need and budgetRead…

It’s no secret we always want more from our computers. While more usually means adding to a device’s speed and performance, it can also mean delivering all the above, but in a sleeker, re-designed package. This less is more philosophy is precisely what Lenovo is embracing with its all-new family of IdeaPads – six distinct laptops that deliver the performance users expect, but with a streamlined approach to design and functionality that strips away the clutter and complexity.

Consisting of the IdeaPad 720, 520, and 320 and IdeaPad 720S, 520S and 320S in S (slim) configurations, our new family of six Lenovo IdeaPads is ideally suited to modern consumer tastes in style, form and function. From re-imagining and simplifying the subtlest design elements to incorporating the tools and features users want most, we’ve designed a series of laptops that will fit virtually any consumer taste, need or budget. 

15-inch IdeaPad 520 in premium metallic Gold, Iron Grey and Bronze color options

Minimalist Design for Maximum Appeal

Whether you’re talking about Gen Z’s desire to stay digitally connected at all times,1 the millennial generation’s desire for lower-cost living options,2 Gen X’s demand for performance and innovation3 or the Baby Boomers’ quest for technology that’s both smart and easy to use,4 our new family of IdeaPads is as diverse in style and substance as the people who depend on them. 

Pretty on the Outside

From their most heavily used workhorse elements to their subtlest surface hues, tones and finishes, every part of the IdeaPads was a consideration in the design process. Beveled edges produce smooth clean lines, while an angled front edge was added for easier lid opening. The thinner side profile, especially in the S models, coupled with the IdeaPads’ simplified rear delivers an unmistakably lean visual impression and a great carrying experience. 

Smooth, clean lines on the new 13-inch IdeaPad 720S in Platinum Silver

The IdeaPad 720S, for example, is made of a premium anodized aluminum casing that’s treated with the same technique used to shape and polish diamonds for a gorgeous, ultra-thin profile that feels as good as it looks. 

Ultra-sleek 13-inch IdeaPad 720S in Champagne Gold that’s just 13.6mm (0.53 in) thin

Its equally trim cousin, the IdeaPad 520S is only 19.3mm thin (0.76 in), and the IdeaPad 320S includes an infused cover for a soft metallic touch.

Eager to complement the IdeaPads’ sleek new profile with the look and feel increasingly common in contemporary homes and offices, our design team chose a spectrum of colors and finishes to match users’ modern tastes. From the premium metallic colors and sophisticated polished metal finishes of the IdeaPad 720 series, to the vibrant, playful hues and equally sleek finishes of the IdeaPad 520 and 320 series, the new IdeaPad family offer a variety of looks and feels that satisfy the most demanding design trendsetters.

And Beautiful on the Inside

Our redesign efforts extend to the IdeaPads’ interiors as well. From the redesigned keyboard layout, improved shift key and narrower bezels for optimized screen displays to the decision to incorporate Microsoft®’s Precision Touchpad™ for direct connection to Windows® 10, owners of the IdeaPad are in for a noticeably improved user experience. 

Improved shift key and precision touchpad on 14-inch IdeaPad 520S in Ballerina Pink

Our less is more mindset continues with the engine beneath the hood. While every laptop comes equipped with the latest Windows 10 Home operating system and the powerful performance our customers have come to expect, we’ve been careful to include a selection of upgraded features that dramatically improve the user experience without breaking the bank.

If performance and portability are important, buyers can choose between the three ultra-thin S models. The IdeaPad 720S, for example, has up to the latest 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, blazing-fast Thunderbolt™ 3 port and up to 1 TB PCIe SSD – weighing only 1.14 kg (2.5 lbs) and 13.6mm (0.53 in) thin on the 13-inch model that’s ideal for mobile workers and students. 

Powerful and portable 13-inch IdeaPad 720S laptop in Champagne Gold

The IdeaPad 720S also includes advanced features like an optional fingerprint reader for swift, secure PC log-in with Windows Hello™ and up to UHD display (on the 13-inch non-touchscreen model). Designed for greater mobility, its always-on charging feature lets users charge other devices via a USB port even when the laptop is powered off.

Don’t get anchored to a power outlet again with the IdeaPad 720’s always-on charging

Interested in convenience and functionality? Consider the IdeaPad 520 or 520S, with up to 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX graphics for speedy productivity, an optional backlit keyboard and optional fingerprint reader and Windows Hello support for near-instant logins.

Slim and functional 14-inch IdeaPad 520S in Champagne Gold, with an optional fingerprint reader for swift and secure biometric authentication

Looking for a budget-friendly laptop for everyday Web surfing, videos and email? Go with the affordable IdeaPad 320 or, for more portability, its thinner sibling, the IdeaPad 320S. 

New 15-inch IdeaPad 320 in rich Plum Purple

The IdeaPad 320 provides plenty of design panache in its own right – proving that budget-friendly laptops don’t have to be plain or boring. There’s a palette of color choices for the IdeaPad 320 from Denim Blue to Plum Purple, with matching lighter tones inside that sport a new one-piece touchpad. Users’ modern computing needs will be met – from Intel’s latest processors to USB Type C ports – while accommodating legacy needs with its integrated DVD optical drive. For a step up, upgrade to multi-touch screens and an optional fingerprint reader for secure log-in with Windows Hello.

A Lenovo PC for Everyone

The all-new family of Lenovo IdeaPads are the answer to what style and budget-conscious consumers now expect from their laptops. We’ve engineered away the excess, streamlined the body, and delivered an array of choices built to meet nearly any style preference, performance need and budget.

For gamers, we’re bringing to market the newest member to our gaming family – the top-of-the-line Lenovo Legion Y920 Laptop (pictured below) – a powerful, VR-ready 17-inch pro-level gaming rig. Packed with up to Intel’s latest overclockable 7th Gen Intel Core i7 K series processor, up to NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 8G DDR5 graphics and mechanical backlit RGB keyboard with lighting effects, the new Lenovo Legion Y920 Laptop is our best gaming laptop yet. 

New VR-ready Lenovo Legion Y920 Laptop beats the competition

Whether it’s a new IdeaPad for everyday computing or a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop for fun, we’re offering more choice than ever for nearly every consumer need.


(Read the North American version of this blog post here.)

Pricing and Availability5

All products are available on

  • In EMEA, the 15-inch IdeaPad 720 starts at €749 (VAT included) available starting July 2017.5
  • In EMEA, the 13-inch IdeaPad 720S…
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