Premier Vapor® is Championing the Brick & Mortar Experience by Combining Online With Reality

Premier Vapor® is Championing the Brick & Mortar Experience by Combining Online With Reality
  1. Premier Vapor® is Championing the Brick & Mortar Experience by Combining Online With Reality
    FORT MYERS, Fla., May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- It comes as no shock that Brick and Mortar retail stores have been on the down tick as of lately, but what can these companies do to change that? Premier Vapor® brick and mortar locations have taken the retail sector decline and turned …

Premier Vapor® illustrates how their retail stores are integrated with E-Commerce styling.

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FORT MYERS, Fla., May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- It comes as no shock that Brick and Mortar retail stores have been on the down tick as of lately, but what can these companies do to change that? Premier Vapor® brick and mortar locations have taken the retail sector decline and turned it into a competitive advantage. A company cannot become stagnant or stuck in their old methods of success and still expect to reach the same levels of profits they once made. Companies must be flexible and look at changing market landscapes from all angles, as the old adage goes adapt or die. The realization that E-Commerce is here to stay should not be looked at as a disadvantage to brick and mortar, but rather a change in tactics. Premier Vapor believe the fun days of meeting friends at the mall are not over. The Vapor industry specifically is not as threatened as most retail sectors due to a variety of reasons, but Premier Vapor® has still taken a drastic shift to change many areas of retail shopping at their Brick and Mortar locations. Of course individuals can still purchase products from Premier Vapor® online, but we also know that this industry requires much more personalization, one on one time, knowledge and many additional variable as this is a brand new industry sector.

Premier Vapor® has made shopping at locations like an online virtual experience just down the street on the local BLVD. The formerly prevalent pushy sales men/women are a thing of the past at Premier Vapor® locations, in part due to the adaptation of E-Commerce shopping built into a brick and mortar and the drive of our innovated CEO who Loves tech and the worldwide internet as most do. Here are a few things Premier Vapor® has done to champion in the new era of brick and mortar shopping. From large screen TV's projecting custom hourly deals to our customers, to actual projectors that display translucent like images for the best consumer experience, Premier has thought of it all.

Premier Vapor Premier Vapor

There are 365 days of deals and discounts continuously running in every location nationwide projected on large TV's, iPads, projectors, mobile devices upon entry and more. This is all brilliantly designed to inform and intrigue the customers as soon as they walk in, as if they are seeing pop up ad's online. Even iPads are found across the stores with full specs, ratings and reviews of all of the top vapor devices to inform our customers with pinpoint precision as to what the consumer is purchasing without having to ask an associate. Premier Vapor® is however always fully staffed and encourages questioning and prides themselves on 5 star customer service. It's a dual benefit for the consumer. Imagine walking around an e-commerce store with a specialist right there to answer your questions immediately, imagine no more, Premier Vapor® has done it.  

Premier Vapor® customers are surrounded with top name brands and the latest devices on the market to test right there in store with the added E-commerce experience and even pricing. No longer the need to trust a salesman's recommendation when they can simply find out for yourself before they buy!

Kevin Monahan, Premier Vapor® CEO says, "We want to GET IT RIGHT every time, and for the customers to leave knowing they have purchased a brand new tech device that works for them especially in this new evolving industry!"

The technology that has been implicated in Premier Vapor® locations are nothing to glaze over. As soon as a customer walks in they are receiving notifications on their phone (if they allow of course) of exclusive deals, that they may otherwise have not have known about. This gets consumers excited to purchase that product that they always wanted, but now can for a discounted price. There are even GEO targeted push notifications of great new hardware product arrivals, flash sales and more, available at a store closest to them, identical to the online purchasing experience. Add these tech inspired promotions to the previously mentioned TV's, Projectors, iPads etc. and customers will think that they have entered the matrix of retail stores. Consumers really feel like they're physically in an E-Commerce store, even speaking with the Premier staff is not necessary if they choose not to. Without any interaction with staff, the consumer can find out all of the information needed to make an informed purchase. Now top that for a Brick and Mortar experience! Joe Gurke, a customer at a Premier Vapor Location in Cape Capor, FL states, "If you love E-commerce luxuries, but still love the Brick and mortar experience, stop in a Premier Vapor location and get the best of both worlds!"

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