Iranians vote for president, with the nuclear deal and economy on their minds

Iranians vote for president, with the nuclear deal and economy on their minds
  1. Iranians vote for president, with the nuclear deal and economy on their minds
    The choice is between two candidates with fundamentally different visions of Iran's place in the…
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ISTANBUL — Iranians cast their ballots for president Friday in a vote that could either boost Iran's engagement with the world or possibly plunge the country back into greater diplomatic isolation.

Voters formed long lines at polling stations in mosques, schools and gymnasiums across the country — from the shores of the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea — including in temperatures topping 90 degrees. Many Iranians, speaking to local media, described waiting hours to vote.

“It’s my national responsibility to take part in the elections,” 36-year-old Amin, a resident of Tehran, said to Iranian state television from a polling station Friday. Officials cited high voter turnout in extending the voting an extra two hours, leaving open the option of a further extension.

At stake is the legacy of the incumbent president, Hassan Rouhani, who ended more than a decade of sanctions as part of a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, including the United States. His top challenger is hard-line cleric Ebrahim Raisi who views the West with suspicion and insists that the easing of international sanctions under the nuclear pact has done little to help ordinary Iranians. Two other candidates remain in the race but are considered also-rans.

[6 photos from Iran’s campaign trail]

Rouhani has broad support among moderates and others seeking further openings in Iranian policies, from social codes to outreach with the West. But Raisi has powerful backers among Iran's security establishment and its ruling clerics, led by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Iran’s president has important sway over domestic affairs and serves as the face of Iran to the world. But all key policies, such as diplomatic initiatives, must be cleared by Khamenei and his inner circle of unelected theocrats.

Still, the election offers stark choices for Iranians on the direction of their country. No Iranian president since 1981 has failed to secure a second term, but Rouhani has faced sharp criticism over the poor economy and what Raisi described as his “weak” position when negotiating with the West.

The 2015 nuclear agreement — which curbs Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief — was at the heart of Rouhani’s project to end the country’s pariah status and rejoin the global economy. If reelected, however, he will face a more confrontational Trump administration, which has taken a harsh line against Iran and placed the nuclear deal under review.

Despite increased tensions with the United States since the election of President Trump, Rouhani sees Iran as benefiting from better ties with the West and from continuing to court foreign investors. He has also called for greater social and political freedoms in Iran and lashed out at rivals he accused of wanting to thwart progress.

[Sound familiar? Iranian presidential candidates debate nuclear deal]

The “era of violence and extremism is over,” Rouhani said at a rally this month.

But so far, the nuclear deal has improved little in the lives of average Iranians, and Raisi has seized on the discontent to run a populist campaign. Raisi has promised to increase cash handouts to the poor and create more than a million jobs during his first year in office. Iran's unemployment rate has hovered around 12 percent.

Raisi has pledged to uphold the nuclear deal, which had the blessing of the supreme leader. However, Raisi’s links to the influential clergy and Revolutionary Guard Corps, a powerful military force with control over key sectors of the economy, suggest an aversion to the soft power of diplomacy. Raisi himself has remained vague on foreign policy positions, but his own domestic legacy includes participation in a 1988 “Death Commission” that oversaw the execution of thousands of political prisoners.

Raisi “has run a campaign focused on economic populist themes, but has not taken strong positions on many other issues,” said Farzan Sabet, a fellow at Stanford University and founder of IranPolitik, a blog on Iranian politics.

He has done this “perhaps as a form of strategic ambiguity,” which is “intended to keep negative attention focused on his rival,” Sabet said.

[Former president Ahmadinejad wanted to run. Iran’s election vetters said no.]

On Friday, Raisi, Rouhani and Khamenei all cast ballots as the voting began nationwide, and the supreme leader urged …

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