Helping Afghanistan ⋅ How You Too Can Get Involved

Helping Afghanistan ⋅ How You Too Can Get Involved
  1. Helping Afghanistan ⋅ How You Too Can Get Involved
    As a human being, I believe it’s our duty to help one another. We live in a world where access to education is more attainable — and in some ways, more advanced. Where talking to someone on the other side... The post Helping Afghanistan ⋅ How You Too Can Get Involved appeared first on …

As a human being, I believe it’s our duty to help one another. We live in a world where access to education is more attainable — and in some ways, more advanced. Where talking to someone on the other side of the world, instantly, is possible. With all the good we benefit from — we must also rise in times of crisis. Unfortunately, we’re amidst crisis.

I strongly believe that it is up to us to help one another. Because if we, as people, don’t take on this responsibility then how can we depend on someone else to?!

On the Road to Dasht e Qala, Afghanistan. Photo Courtesy of Reza Photography

This article will go over an amazing event taking place in Afghanistan this May. Taking AngelHack’s 10th Global Series to Afghanistan to support the growing tech community with a 2 day hackathon. This means all sorts of talents and experts coming together to solve problems we alone cannot. Did I mention how big of a believer I am in the notion → We rise together, never against each other.

This article also shares an interview with Regional Manager, Middle East and Africa at AngelHack, Christina Wilson and I. Along with 10 tips on how YOU too can help, taken from Global Citizen and Mama Hope.

I truly believe there is so much untapped potential around the globe! Highly diverse talents, across skill sets with incredible passion, just looking for an outlet and a connection point.

— Christina Wilson

There is a way you can help and here’s how ↓

On May 3rd through the 4th — AngelHack’s global series of hackathons takes place in Kabul! Technologists, designers and aspiring entrepreneurs are invited to hack problems in Afghanistan around the challenges: health, education, logistics, mobile payments and social change.

At our hackathons that is exactly what we aim to spark. To bring people together for the greater good. To solve problems with different themes, people, and mindsets.

— Christina Wilson

Location: Afghan Technical Vocational Institute Kart-e-Char Kabul, Afghanistan

Register here!

The 3 Q’s with Christina Wilson ↓

Doost: What made you invest in this journey? aka What makes you want to pursuit this?

Christina Wilson: My great grandfather was a Scottish American who came to the Middle East for a literacy program called “Each One Teach One” where the cost of learning to read/write was committing to teach another. It spread like wildfire and millions learned to read through it – I know generations later, all of that work is still paying off.

It’s exciting to see that planted seeds of love have a ripple effect beyond what we realize.

I see this cause as being similar. At every hackathon, you walk away with evolved skills and new friends. You accomplish more than most do in months and look at the world through a more entrepreneurial eye. Technology is the literacy of the future so catalyzing this culture is very important. Often times years later we meet people who attended a hackathon and they tell us it was a turning point in their careers or lives.

Christina Wilson: Also, Silicon Valley resources are still only accessible by the elites if you measure on a global scale. And if you pay attention to innovation, the biggest things are happening far outside Silicon Valley over the next few decades. So transcending borders is very important to AngelHack! We believe empowering entrepreneurs is one of the strongest ways to transform our collective future and enhance peace.

Doost: What are you looking most forward to? 

Christina Wilson: I’m a bit nervous because I don’t know how it will go, since these attendees have never been to a hackathon before. It will be quite the experiment. Excited to connect again with the people, I visited in 2008 and they were incredibly warm. With strengths so admirable. I remember coming back to California after I finally realized what Mother Teresa was talking about. When she said people in the West have a deeper poverty than people we typically imagine live in misery.

In Afghanistan, the way people take care of and love their neighbors is beautiful. Because love and relationships are seen as the most important characteristics. Even the most successful people in the West, are often lonely or surrounded by people who would betray them in a second for a profit.

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