Immaculate Heart to begin dinner series with discussion on the Reformation

Immaculate Heart to begin dinner series with discussion on the Reformation
  1. Immaculate Heart to begin dinner series with discussion on the Reformation
    Beginning this month Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will host a dinner series, "Historical Connections" about the effects of the Reformation and the Catholic Church in America, to the Middle Eastern Conflict and its effects today. The post Immaculate Heart to begin dinner series with discussion on the Reformation appeared first on…

Beginning this month Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will host a dinner series, “Historical Connections” about the effects of the Reformation and the Catholic Church in America, to the Middle Eastern Conflict and its effects today.

The first evening’s dinner, at 5:30 p.m., Jan. 31, will present Historical Understandings: The Reformation and its Legacy presented by the Rev. Michael Maher . The cost for this dinner is $38 per person.

According to a press release, “Although the Reformation was a specific event in time, it continues to have an influence on the church and society in the present time.”

Two conferences will examine the relationships between Protestantism and Catholicism from the time of the Reformation and its movement to the Industrial Revolution, and from there to the present time.


Maher has co-edited a book on confraternities and written several articles and book chapters dealing with the implementation and influence of Jesuit practices on various groups. In recognition of his scholarship, Fr. Kolvenbach, then superior general of the Jesuits, appointed Fr. Maher to the Jesuit Historical Institute. Fr. Maher holds this membership in addition to his current position as associate professor of History at Gonzaga University as well as chair of the department of History and the Director of Catholic Studies.

The next dinner series will be in February.

For information call 448 -1224, ext. 109.


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