Watergate is on fire. Literally.

Watergate is on fire. Literally.
  1. Watergate is on fire. Literally.
    Watergate is burning. Fire at the Watergate residential building, view from @TheAtlantic HQ. pic.twitter.com/kNfokFPcJT — Patrick Garrigan (@PatrickGarrigan) January 11, 2017 The fire broke out about 1:40 p.m. EST in the infamous D.C. complex known for break-ins, wiretapping, and loaning its suffix to lesser scandals involving pizza or football. Having originated in a vacant residence on the 13th floor, the blaze was quickly extinguished by responding firefighters and nobody was injured …

Watergate is burning.

The fire broke out about 1:40 p.m. EST in the infamous D.C. complex known for break-ins, wiretapping, and loaning its suffix to lesser scandals involving pizza or football. Having originated in a vacant residence on the 13th floor, the blaze was quickly extinguished by responding firefighters and nobody was injured — unless, of course, you consider the whole thing to be a giant, depressing metaphor. Jeva L…

  1. Reasons to fear Trump for both legal and undocumented immigrants

    01.17 / 04:51 nydailynews.com
    Both legal and undocumented, are rightfully concerned about the new administration’s plans. …
  2. Georgia Republican calls John Lewis ‘a racist pig'

    01.17 / 04:14 nydailynews.com
    The Republican's comments came after Lewis said he's not going to attend Donald Trump's inauguration. …
  3. Democrats Have Been Boycotting Republican Presidential Inaugurations for a Long Time

    Frontpagemag.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 03:56 frontpagemag.com
    John Lewis' hissy fit is getting lots of attention. But he threw the same hissy fit back when President Bush was elected. So did some other members of the Congressional Black Caucus. CBC members contested certification of the electoral college results for Bush, both times, just as they did for Trump. Lewis and Maxine Waters boycotted Bush's inauguration. The Dems have been throwing this same hissy fit for a while. As this Washington Post story from 2001 reminds us. "It's kind…
  4. Flying Into the Deep South

    Theatlantic.comtheatlantic.com - U.S.
    We woke up in Demopolis, Alabama, on day two of the final journey of our American Futures series for…
  5. Cover-up: DOJ accuses Chicago cops of doing what it did to 'murdered mom'

    Wnd.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 03:27 wnd.com
    WASHINGTON – For President Obama’s Justice Department, it’s apparently a blatant case of do what we say, not what we do. The Department of Justice, or DOJ, issued a 161-page report on Friday charging the Chicago Police Department with numerous incidents of unjustified and excessive violence. But the infractions cited read like a list of exactly [.…
  6. ‘Why Do You Always Bring It Back to Race?’: Tucker Carlson Clashes with DNC Chair Candidate

    Mediaite.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 03:15 mediaite.com
    Jehmu Greene, Fox News analyst and DNC chair candidate, faced off tonight with Tucker Carlson, who immediately confronted her about her recent reference to the "alleged"…
  7. Donald Trump just made the wrong Ivanka famous on Twitter

    Theweek.com - US
    01.17 / 03:04 theweek.com
    For someone so intimately familiar with Twitter, Donald Trump made a major faux pas on Monday night when instead of tagging his daughter, @IvankaTrump, in a post, he tagged @Ivanka, an English woman whose mentions are about to get very interesting. In his first message of the night, Trump, who hates CNN so much he watches it every day and knows what specials the network is airing, tweeted that CNN was doing a "special report on my daughter, Ivanka. Considering it is CNN, can't imagine it…
  8. This dog wasn’t breathing when firefighters saved him from a burning home. Now he is.

    Star-Telegram - Nation
    01.17 / 02:25 star-telegram.com
    Washington D.C. firefighters rescued a 3-year-old Italian sheepdog from a house fire and managed to get the dog breathing again Sunday afternoon. Working fire 4500 blk Klingle St NW. Fire … Click to Continue…
  9. Conservative North Carolina Republicans consequential in new Congress

    Worldtribune.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 02:11 worldtribune.com
    by WorldTribune Staff, January 16, 2017 North Carolina’s congressional delegation in the era of Trump will be one of its most influential in decades with several lawmakers in key positions. The delegation, consisting of 12 Republicans and 3 Democrats, includes chairmen of key committees, members of the leadership and congressmen who are seen as in…
  10. Dr. King, Labor Leader

    Rinf.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 02:06 rinf.com
    The photograph is iconic. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., only 39 years old but the nation’s most prominent civil rights leader, lay fatally wounded on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. His lieutenants stood over his body, pointing frantically across the parking lot in the direction of the shooter. Dr. King was in Memphis to […
  11. More than 10,000 celebrate King parade in downtown Vegas

    01.17 / 01:49 sfgate.com
    The mother of a school band member told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that without King's leadership and foresight, people of all races wouldn't be able to stand together at such an event. In Reno, the state highway patrol escorted an annual motorcade on a stretch of U.S. Interstate 580 designated the Martin Luther King…
  12. Eight people shot during Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations

    01.17 / 01:49 nydailynews.com
    At least eight people were shot during Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations in Miami, Fla. Monday, police said. …
  13. Biloxi, slammed for marking 'Great Americans Day,' votes for change to MLK Day

    01.17 / 01:48 usatoday.com
    Twitterati made City Hall officials realize that they hadn't changed their ordinance in 30+…
  14. Dead, partially skinned zebra washes up on Calif. beach

    01.17 / 01:48 nydailynews.com
    A partially skinned dead zebra was found washed up on the rocky shore of a northern California beach on Saturday, authorities said. …
  15. During Trump Presidency, Colleges And Students Anticipate Change In Student Visas

    Nepr.net - U.S.
    01.17 / 01:45 nepr.net
    For now, there's uncertainty for some of the million or so international undergraduate and graduate students who come to the U.S. every year. President-elect Donald Trump’s anti-immigration stances could impact the international student visa program. The post During Trump Presidency, Colleges And Students Anticipate Change In Student Visas appeared first on N…
  16. See who wants fatwa against Islamic extremism

    Wnd.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 01:37 wnd.com
    A new demand for a worldwide Islamic fatwa against Muslim extremism comes from a Muslim, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. The call for the fatwa – a ruling by a recognized authority on a point of Islamic law – is from an Iraqi writer and journalist who contributes to the London-based Al-Sharq [...…
  17. Cuban exile: Obama lets Castro bleed U.S.

    Wnd.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 01:37 wnd.com
    President Obama’s thawing of relations with Cuba has already drawn plenty of criticism, but a prominent Castro critic says Obama’s actions in his final week will only serve to increase repression in Cuba while enriching the coffers of the Castro regime. On Friday, the Obama administration announced it would no longer accept Cubans into the…
  18. Project Veritas Exposes 'Anti-Fascist' Group Planning to Terrorize Trump's Inauguration

    Rinf.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 01:31 rinf.com
    Jan 16, 2017 By Reinhard Wolff | redice.tv You may remember Project Veritas from their work exposing the DNC’s corruption during the 2016 election. In Part I of their new series, Project Veritas investigators meet with leaders of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition, who reveal their plans to disrupt the inauguration. This meeting occurred at Comet…
  19. Trump’s Remaking of US Foreign Policy

    Rinf.com - U.S.
    01.17 / 01:29 rinf.com
    President-elect Trump is outlining a foreign policy that rejects the interventionist tenets of Washington’s neocon/liberal-hawk establishment and puts U.S.-Russia nuclear arms control at the top of his agenda, writes Gilbert Doctorow. By Gilbert Doctorow Over the weekend, President-elect Trump received two journalists from mainstream European print media — The Times of London and the German [&#…
  20. Stock Show contest helps teach youths natural resources stewardship

    Star-Telegram - Local
    01.17 / 01:21 star-telegram.com
    There is about an acre of land around the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, on the grounds of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. But on Monday, it ballooned, thanks to … Click to Continue…