Dad who treated son with maple syrup hawks nutrition business

Dad who treated son with maple syrup hawks nutrition business
  1. Dad who treated son with maple syrup hawks nutrition business
    A "convicted toddler killer" in Canada is promoting his family's nutritional supplement business. …

Canadians are outraged after a "convicted toddler killer" who gave his gravely ill 18-month-old son maple syrup instead of medicine hit the road to promote his family's nutritional supplement business.

David Stephan, who was convicted with his wife last year of not "providing the necessities of life" for little Ezekiel, traveled from Alberta to appear at the Ave Maria Specialties health products store in Prince George, British Columbia, on Tuesday night. Stephan is employed by Truehope Nutritional Support, according to CBC News.

When asked how many people attended the event, an Ave Maria employee declined comment to the Daily News on Wednesday.

The toddler Ezekiel died of bacterial meningitis in 2012 after Stephan and wife Collet declined to give their son any medicine, relying instead on alternatives such as maple syrup, water and juice.

Couple who gave sick son syrup blames death on faulty ambulance

The parents claimed they believed Ezekiel had the croup or the flu and not meningitis, according to CBC News. However, a friend who was also a nurse warned that the child likely had meningitis, the news website reported.

Both parents were given light sentences. David Stephan received four months in jail, according to CBC News, while his wife was put under house arrest for three months.

With his term over, David Stephan appeared at Ave Maria to talk about "how his family members suffered from mental illness and were made well," according to CBC News.

David and Collet Stephan both served short sentences for Ezekiel's death.

David and Collet Stephan both served short sentences for Ezekiel's death.

(CBC Calgary)

Some people lashed out on social media about his speaking engagement. On its Facebook page, Ave Maria is billed as the "largest health food store" in northern British Columbia. The store encourages residents to be part of the "alternative food culture" in Prince George.

Canadian couple convicted of son's death alleges gov't conspiracy

"Is anyone going to Ave Maria…

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