LG G6 confirmed for February reveal, possible features teased

LG G6 confirmed for February reveal, possible features teased
  1. LG G6 confirmed for February reveal, possible features teased
    LG has released a teaser video on YouTube entitled "Wish list for the ideal smartphone", which we can safely assume relates to the upcoming G6 flagship. While it can be considered a teaser video, it ends with "February, 2017", confirming we'll see…

LG has released a teaser video on YouTube entitled "Wish list for the ideal smartphone", which we can safely assume relates to the upcoming G6 flagship. While it can be considered a teaser video, it ends with "February, 2017", confirming we'll see the new phone next month. However, it doesn't specifically say we'll see it at Mobile World Congress, something The Korea Herald has said will be the case.

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In LG's teaser video, we see several people in America speaking to camera to say what features they'd most want out of the "ideal smartphone". Features asked for include a big screen for multitasking, all while having a small body to make it easy to use with one hand. The people in the video also ask for the phone to be waterproof and more reliable so they don't have to worry about the screen cracking all the time. All those features then move into a smartphone-shaped box, followed by the text "Imagine how your wishes will come to life".

We've already heard and reported on several rumours that relate to the majority of these wants. The screen has been confirmed by LG to be a 5.7-inch Quad HD+ with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It uses proprietary in-Touch technology that allows LG to reduce the bezel size, so it will be a big screen but on a small phone.

We haven't heard anything concrete on the LG G6's waterproof capabilities, but it's been confirmed by LG that the company will not be using modules for the upcoming flagship. The LG G5 arrived with various modules such…

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