New Music: Summer Jams to Smash Things to

New Music: Summer Jams to Smash Things to
  1. New Music: Summer Jams to Smash Things to
    Just in time for the peak of summer, where colorful floaties, boozy slushies and playful sounds dominate the landscape, we’ve collected the perfect list [...] The post New Music: Summer Jams to Smash Things to appeared first on SSG…
Posted by Colette Pomerleau on July 7th, 2017 at 5:04 AM

1 Just in time for the peak of summer, where colorful floaties, boozy slushies and playful sounds dominate the landscape, we’ve collected the perfect list of new music to smash things to.

(P.S. We don’t support violence, only harmless and innocent catharsis.)

Read and listen on below.

PLAX are Austin, TX-based punks Victor (Skeleton, Nosferatu), Marley (OBN IIIs, Sweet Talk), Chris (Spray Paint, Dikes of Holland, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth) and Michael (OBN IIIs, eetsFEATS) who release their first track, “Boring Story” from their debut album, Clean Feeling, out August 11th via Super Secret Records.

What you can smash while listening: sidewalk fast food wrappers and future plans for small talk

Guantanamo Baywatch release a new track, “Area 69″ ahead of their new album, Desert Center, out August 4th on Suicide Squeeze. The album promises to serve as a perfect reminder of the “ecstatic rabble-rousing documentation of life in America’s lonely outposts offered up by that first wave of electric guitar pioneers.” This first release, “Area 69″ is definitely stirring, a convincing instrumental sneak peek into what the Portland punks will offer.

What you can smash while listening: an unlit cigarette and cheap beer cans on the side of the road while on a road trip

Atlanta, GA trio Omni is known for their dizzyingly and wiry post-punk. Multi-task is their newest release, coming out September 22nd via Trouble in Mind.

The newest track, “Equestrian” is what the band calls “a song for and about the privileged and self-loathing. It can be unknowingly fun and disgusting at the same time to live in the now.”

What you can smash while listening: the state

Private Island, the Southern California six-piece band, comprised of Christian Lum, Tommy Nickerson, Cameron Anderson, Michelle Guerrero, Tim Barbour and Roger Mawer mixes funky California indie pop-rock with R&B. Lum uses this track as an opportunity to denounce his faith in love.

What you can smash while l…

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