Fairview Park police searching for 14-year-old girl still active on social media

Fairview Park police searching for 14-year-old girl still active on social media
  1. Fairview Park police searching for 14-year-old girl still active on social media
    Angel L Hawkins was reported missing Aug. 31 from her Fairview Park home. Police did not say where her home…
    Ohio (OH)
Angel HawkinsFile photo 

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio -- Police are asking for the public's help in finding a 14-year-old girl who has been missing since last month.

Family members reported Angel Hawkins missing Aug. 31 after she left her Lorain Road home near West 196th Street in Fairview Park, Police Chief Erich Upperman said.

Hawkins was under house arrest, police said. She cut off her house arrest ankle bracelet, hid it in a closet and left home, the release says.

Friends say Hawkins is still active on social media, but investigators have not been able to pinpoint exactly where she's at. Police searched homes in…

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