Latest news from - Louisville feed

Latest news from - Louisville feed

  1. Savannah Walker mourned at candlelight vigil

    03.23 / 03:09 - Louisville
    Dozens of University of Louisville students gathered on campus Wednesday night to mourn the crippling loss of their peer, 20-year-old Savannah Walker, who was killed Sunday in a shooting at a local art…
  2. Bevin signs contentious Blue Lives Matter law

    03.23 / 00:48 - Louisville
    Gov. Matt Bevin has signed a controversial "Blue Lives Matter" bill into law that makes it a hate crime to target police officers, putting Kentucky at the forefront of a new political…
  3. Daytime delays likely due to work on Snyder, I-71

    03.23 / 00:48 - Louisville
    Delays likely to result from lane closures required for daytime maintenance work on Gene Snyder,…
  4. Fischer urged to order police to report sex abuse

    03.22 / 22:14 - Louisville
    Allies, critics suggest mayor should order Louisville police to report child abuse allegations amid Explorer sex…
  5. State police arrest Carroll County sheriff

    03.22 / 20:57 - Louisville
    The Kentucky State Police have arrested Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman on burglary and drug-related charges, authorities reported…