Latest news from - Morristown feed

Latest news from - Morristown feed

  1. Jazz, blues lure Morristown to Green

    08.19 / 21:21 - Morristown
    Thousands of music fans visited the Green Saturday for the big annual Morristown Jazz and Blues…
  2. Man charged with beating, forcing woman at Hanover motel to prostitute herself

    08.18 / 23:33 - Morristown
    Union County man is charged with forcing a woman to prostitute herself, assault, possessing cocaine and imprisoning the woman in a Hanover motel…
  3. Highly intoxicated Madison man tried to assault police and EMTs, cops say

    08.18 / 22:23 - Morristown
    A man is facing several charges for attempting to assault police officers and first aid responders after being found highly intoxicated, Sparta Police…
  4. Cops: Morris Plains man caught with child porn on his computer

    08.18 / 20:11 - Morristown
    Morris Plains resident charged with endangering the welfare of children by possessing child porn has limited use of Internet and cannot use social…