Latest news from - Georgia (GA) feed

Latest news from - Georgia (GA) feed

  1. Dahlonega Trail Fest 2017 ~ September 8-10

    08.17 / 18:33 - Georgia (GA)
    Dahlonega Trail Fest 2017 is a festival of all aspects of non-motorized recreation: hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking and…
  2. Solar Eclipse: Natural Wonder or Insane Traffic Jam?

    08.17 / 17:31 - Georgia (GA)
    Where would you prefer to watch the solar eclipse? Stuck with bazillion cars clogging two-lane roads in North Georgia looking for a spot to view it? Or on the Square in Gainesville -- with Moon…
  3. Plan Ahead to View the Solar Eclipse

    08.17 / 16:26 - Georgia (GA)
    John Wayne said, "Life is hard.  It's harder when you're stupid."  Don't be stupid.  Plan ahead to view the solar eclipse on August 21…
  4. Defective Solar Eclipse Glasses Recalled

    08.17 / 15:24 - Georgia (GA)
    An unknown number of defective solar eclipse glasses have been recalled by Amazon. Here's how to double-check your solar eclipse…