Latest news from - Media feed

Latest news from - Media feed

  1. Fox News Commenters Leave Shockingly Hideous Comments About Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer

    08.17 / 03:25 - Media
      The vile and disgusting comments made by readers on an article about Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer leaves no doubt, in case you had any, which cable network is #1 with the …
  2. Shepard Smith: ‘We Couldn’t Get’ Any Republicans To Defend Trump’s Charlottesville Comments On Fox

    08.17 / 02:25 - Media
    Shepard Smith noted that Republicans are usually happy to appear on Fox News but despite working “very hard” at reaching out “throughout the day” today, Fox was unable to find a single one willing to defend Donald Trump’s comments about Charlotte…
  3. Watch These Fox News Hosts Slam Trump’s Latest Charlottesville Remarks

    08.16 / 20:04 - Media
    Despite Fox’s best efforts to portray Trump’s Charlottesville remarks as Martin Luther King-like, the three Fox hosts and their two guests on yesterday’s The Specialists were withering in their criti…
  4. Alveda King: Trump’s Latest Charlottesville Remarks More Proof He’s Following In Martin Luther King’s Footsteps

    08.16 / 19:01 - Media
    In the wake of Donald Trump’s newly shocking comments defending the white supremacists in Charlottesville yesterday, Fox News once again called on Alveda King, the right-wing niece of Martin Luther King, to argue that Trump was right in line with her uncle’s pre…