Latest news from - Politics feed

Latest news from - Politics feed

  1. House Intel Committee Leads Split Over Trump Surveillance

    03.23 / 03:20 - Politics
    Watch Video"These actions simply raise enormous doubt about whether the committee could do its work," Rep. Adam Schiff said.Schiff, the top Democrat on the House committee investigating Russian attempts to interfere in the election, says the committee's chairman has clouded the investigation. Here's why:Earlier Wednesday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes held two press conferences and briefed President Trump on information he hadn't shared…
  2. SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Students With Disabilities

    03.23 / 01:00 - Politics
    Watch VideoIn a unanimous ruling Wednesday, the Supreme Court decided public schools cannot allow bare-minimum educational advancements for students who have disabilities. The decision goes back to a 1975 law that mandates "free appropriate public education" for all students. But the Supreme Court acknowledged in its ruling that the law's language is vague. In the past, lower courts have used the law to rule that schools were only responsible for helping…
  3. Tillerson On Why He's Different: 'I Didn't Want This Job'

    03.22 / 22:26 - Politics
    Watch VideoSecretary of State Rex Tillerson says he originally didn't want his new job. He says his wife encouraged him to do it. Tillerson isn't a fan of media attention. On his trip to Asia, he took only one reporter — Erin McPike from the Independent Journal Review. When McPike interviewed him, Tillerson talked about his role as secretary of state and how he's tackling it differently than his predecessors. Tillerson criticized the previous a…
  4. These Women Broke Ceilings To Change The Rules Of Politics

    03.22 / 19:48 - Politics
    Watch VideoThis Women's History Month, we're highlighting women across different fields and recognizing their contributions to the advancement of women and achievement of equality. Here are just a few who paved a path forward with activism. Who else should we highlight for Women's History Month? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. You can also email me at 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme…