Latest news from - Religion feed

Latest news from - Religion feed

  1. Suspected jihadist w/weapons cache released in Minn.

    05.27 / 13:54 - Religion
    Despite the fact that two Muslim brothers were caught with a weapons arsenal of grenades, assault weapons and bomb materials in their car earlier this month, one of them was released – another blatant refusal to act on a potential threat, as witnessed prior to several recent jihadist attacks … including those in Manchester, England, and Orlando, Flo…
  2. Berkeley leads left-wing effort to stop the straw

    05.26 / 20:15 - Religion
    Communist-turned-conservative writer David Horowitz famously observed that inside every liberal "is a totalitarian screaming to get out," and now they're coming for the plastic…
  3. We round up gangs – so why not terror cells?

    05.26 / 19:18 - Religion
    Multiple intelligence agencies both in the U.S. and Britain had the Manchester suicide bomber on their radar before the attack Monday night. Many are asking why authorities had to wait until 22 were dead to…
  4. No more excuses, group tells GOP – defund Planned Parenthood

    05.26 / 16:16 - Religion
    Voters are being asked to urge Congress to adopt a different strategy to reallocate federal funds that have gone to Planned Parenthood to instead go to federally qualified local medical…
  5. Ignore 4th Circuit, Mr. Trump, because they ignored law

    05.26 / 16:16 - Religion
    It appears the U.S. Supreme Court will have the final word about President Donald Trump's travel ban, predicts the spokesman for a pro-immigration enforcement…
  6. Childless feminist wants childless planet

    05.26 / 14:16 - Religion
    An aging feminist has a new way twist on advocating abortion: it helps save the…