Latest news from - Business feed

Latest news from - Business feed

  1. As America ages, new national poll will track key health issues for those over 50

    06.19 / 19:46 - Business
    (Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) A new poll will release its first results later this month, beginning a series that will take the pulse of the over-50 portion of the American population on a wide range of health issues, and provide data and insights to inform healthcare policy, clinical practice, and future…
  2. Study: Most state pension plans paper over unfunded liabilities

    06.19 / 16:38 - Business
    (North Carolina State University) An analysis of state pension plans from across the country finds that the already troubling state of pension finances may be worse than it first appears because many pension managers are making their plan's financial condition look better by perpetually putting off…
  3. Close failing banks before they cost US billions of dollars, says study

    06.19 / 14:44 - Business
    (Florida Atlantic University) Billions of dollars could be saved if Congress revises a law to allow regulators to be more aggressive in reducing losses from insolvent banks, according to a recent study co-authored by a faculty member from FAU's College of…
  4. Could therapy animal visitation pose health risks at patient facilities?

    06.19 / 08:33 - Business
    (Tufts University) A survey of United States hospitals, eldercare facilities and therapy animal organizations revealed their health and safety policies for therapy animal visits varied widely, with many not following recommended guidelines for animal visitation. The research from investigators at Tufts Institute for Human-Animal Interaction at Tufts University appears online on June 19, 2017, in advance of print in the American Journal of Infection…